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Welcome to Corporate Evolution


To help leaders transform their world

We are a source of wisdom that ignites transformation. 

We help leaders to transform their relationships with themselves and those around them by trusting their inner wisdom.


We have created a ripple effect that is transforming families, organisations and societies around the world enabling humanity and nature to thrive together.

Our mission is to help transform leadership in business through a unique values-based, purpose-driven methodology. 

What does that mean? In short, it means that we work with leaders and businesses who want meaningful cultural and personal change, and all the positive, measurable benefits that brings to an organisation. 

We are driven by the goal of helping leaders transform their worlds, both personal and professional. Through helping leaders focus on values, purpose, and an expansion of consciousness, we help create an extraordinary ripple effect of conscious leaders who inspire their networks, businesses, and communities. 

Why Values-based leadership?

In this "7 Levels of Consciousness Walk" (based on Barrett Values Centre 7 Levels of Consciousness Framework) Lisa Doig explains what happens when we are triggered - we "yo-yo" up and down the levels of consciousness. 

What we do when we are triggered is the difference between constructive leadership and transformational leadership. The power of using values for leadership and culture transformation is deeply transformational and is at the core of our work. 

The 7 Levels of Consciousness Model is correlated with the latest leadership research in agile/ adaptive leadership and Adult Stages of Development (Robert Kegan, Harvard University).

Delivering Meaningful Corporate Culture Transformation

We help businesses achieve meaningful and sustainable corporate culture transformation, through values-based, purpose-driven leadership development, and through small- and large-scale culture change programs. 

Using a unique values-based methodology, we work with senior leaders and corporate teams to effectively and measurably transform the human element of their organisations – which is crucial to underpin any sustainable, authentic organisational culture change. 

Transforming Self and Transforming the Business

The first step in transforming an organisation is to transform its leaders, to help them develop the adaptive and interpersonal skills they need to successfully lead business in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. 

That is why we offer, amongst our other programs, a robust 12-month Transformational Leadership Development Program. Undertaking a series of workshops, online coaching, and ongoing effectiveness measurement, graduates of this program will demonstrate a measurable shift in their Leadership Effectiveness. 

For clients who wish to embark on a full-scale culture transformation, we offer bespoke programs to suit your unique needs, timelines and budgets. We know a “one-size-fits-all” approach is largely ineffective and unsustainable, so we work with you to co-create a measurable, demonstrably effective program to effect long-term business transformation. 

Forget the Fluffy Stuff...

All our work is based on the latest leadership research, our unique values-based methodology, and grounded with decades of industry experience. With Top Teams and CEOs as our primary client base, our work is highly accessible, measurable, and relevant to business leaders. It’s not always easy - achieving a real transformation can mean facing some uncomfortable home-truths. It is exactly this nudge and courage to challenge that our clients tell us makes the difference. 

Our Core Organisational Cultural Change Elements 

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We create bespoke culture change programs for our clients, dependent on their budgets, timelines, and organisational needs. However, a typical customised program might include some or all of the following elements: 

  • Organisational Purpose and Values 
  • Transformational Leadership Development Journey (delivered in-house or off-site)
  • Diagnostic Surveys
  • Top Team Alignment
  • Team Transformation
  • Executive Coaching
  • Values Journal Coaching 
  • Whole Systems Change
  • Train-the-trainer: Training your Internal Facilitators to deliver our Transformational Leadership Programs 

Facilitator & Coaching Accreditations

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We offer comprehensive, globally-renowned facilitator & coaching training programs based on values and consciousness methodology. 

Whether you would like to learn to facilitate our Transformational Leadership Program, or become and Executive or Values Coach, we can help you achieve this accreditation. 

How to Get Started

Are you in need of organisational culture change at a company-wide, senior leadership, team or employee level, but not sure where to start? 

Using a values-based methodology specifically designed for transformation of corporate culture, as well as individuals, we’ll help you decide what your organisation really needs to achieve true culture change success. Then, working with your budgetary and scheduling requirements, we’ll develop a bespoke program to help you get there. 

We can also deliver Internal Capability Building Programs within your organisation, giving your people the capability and tools to develop your teams internally for years to come. 

If you’d prefer to sample our program before meeting to discuss your organisational culture change needs, we encourage you to enroll in our public two-day Leadership Development workshop "The Inspired Leader Journey: Transforming Self", offered regularly throughout the year across Australia, Asia, The Middle East and Europe. 

If you have any questions, we'd love to arrange a video call to discuss your needs and ways we may be of service