Our Purpose is to inspire and challenge leaders to expand their consciousness, in order to create a more conscious and sustainable world for future generations.

We create space to allow wisdom to emerge

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We have accredited over 220 “Facilitators of Transformation” in our unique Values and Purpose methodology

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Together, we are creating a ripple effect of conscious leaders across the globe, transforming cultures and communities.

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Since 2002, we have been working in partnership with Leaders and their organisation to transform how they lead themselves, their people and the organisation for greatest impact in their organisation and communities.

“What got us here, won’t get us there.” 

Most of our clients have risen the ranks in their organisations by being experts; through a focus on success. This is also the world we have come from.  

With the complex challenges we are facing – in society, at work, at home -  this is not enough.  We help leaders “get on the balcony” of their life and work to:

•  Become aware of and transform their fears
•  Transform their biggest challenges into opportunities
•  Reframe their life story to see the greater potential that lies within them
•  Step into courageous authenticity
•  Lead from Purpose

When we take personal accountability for everything that happens in our life – moving from victim to mastery, this liberates ourselves, our teams and the organisation. This is the core of what we do.  

Who we are

We are a network of passionate facilitators who have a collective purpose of creating a better world by expanding the consciousness of leaders.  

All our facilitators have become "Facilitators of Transformation" through our accreditation program, "Facilitating Transformation through Values".

Why Values?

Through a focus on values and purpose - at both a personal and organisational level - we are more able to navigate the complex times in which we live. 

Values give your people meaning.  

Values provide a North Star of what "great" looks like. Living our values invites courage, openness, authenticity and creates an aligned direction. 

The core of values-based leadership is a willingness to move out of our comfort zone and connect with a learning mindset. This is where leaders step into adaptive leadership, able to listen and engage the organisation in a new inspiring way.

When we transform, we expand our consciousness. 

We are able to see, connect with, and speak our truth in a more expansive, inclusive, and integrated way. 

When we challenge ourselves to live our values and Purpose, we create an extraordinary ripple effect with our families, teams, partners and communities. 

How do we measure culture?

We measure culture through a number of diagnostics. One of the core diagnostics is the Barrett Levels of Consciousness Model which measures how well the values are being lived.  In this video below of the "7 Levels of Consciousness Walk", Lisa Doig explains the benefits of the Barrett Consciousness framework, what happens when we are triggered - we "yo-yo" up and down the levels of consciousness. 

What we do when we are triggered is the difference between constructive leadership and transformational leadership. The power of using values for leadership and culture transformation is deeply transformational and is at the core of our work. 

The 7 Levels of Consciousness Model is correlated with the latest leadership research in adaptive leadership and Adult Stages of Development (Robert Kegan, Harvard University).