Leadership 2: Living My Purpose

A journey to sustain and embed your transformation

A six-month group coaching cohort to embed the Values & Purpose methodology, creating sustainable and ongoing transformation.


The coaching process takes coachees through a systematic and reflective approach to truly living one's Values and Purpose.

We have refined this coaching method over 20 years with extraordinary results for coachees. 

What our clients have told us is the unique value of the Coaching Circle is the safe space that is created to be accountable to one's goals and being supported and challenged by the whole group in reaching them. Deep resonance is created in these circles.

About the Process

After 20 years of executive coaching, and facilitating culture and leadership transformations, the concern that kept surfacing was the sustainability of one’s transformation. At the end of every workshop, people felt inspired and exhilarated and yet, once they got back to work, or the family, the stuckness of their old ways won out. Many found it “too hard” to practice the concepts they learned in the workshop.

Conversely, we noticed that, with focus and will, people whom we coached regularly were becoming highly conscious of their Values and Purpose and became more courageous to move through their fears. They received positive feedback. They started seeing their work and relationships change in a significant way. 

We felt it was important to create a post-workshop coaching resource so people can “self-transform”. Why would someone wait for another coaching session when creating a self-transformation practice is the key? We feel strongly that the intuitive skills and deep listening that we practice as a coach can be learned by anyone. We now use this process and the Values Coaching Journal for all our coaching clients. Those who practice this as a weekly and monthly discipline make a significant leap in their transformation.

What we have now found is that through offering a low-cost group coaching option, using this process, people feel energised and held accountable to continue on their journey and they learn from each other. They look forward to the session each month and feel part of something greater.


In the Group Coaching, we learn how to:

  • Become masterful at working with values
  • Seeing the patterns in our beliefs and how we are creating our reality
  • Practice listening at a more generative, intuitive level
  • See the synchronicity in our life's challenges
  • Purposefully create the life we wish to lead

"If you want to be the best you, to be the full potentiality of you, the coaching circles does this. It deepens your being. After I did the program, I thought, what can I do to accelerate my learning? So, when I heard about Coaching Circles, it was a no brainer. At the start of the Coaching Circle, our coach asked us to put something down, like a vision or a dream of what we would like to create. I put something very abstract, highflying and super visionary down, and it is if by magic, in six months it happened! Every time I felt uncomfortable, or uncertain about work, I would write down what was happening; why I was feeling upset, what was my awareness and what is the choice. I did this on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Having the routine, and the circle (which is so much about resonance), seeing that you are not alone in this, and carving the time, that is the power of the Circle. We are all high achievers but we still have this yearning and that is why I think the coaching circles works. We have the time in our diary when we prioritise ourselves and our own growth."

Nopor Stuart, H&M Group, UK


The format of the program consists of monthly coaching sessions (2hrs) for 6 months. Each group of 4-5 will be led by a coach who is an accredited "Facilitator of Transformation" accredited through our Facilitator Accreditation program. 

Each coachee will be given a Values Coaching Journal which reflects the process of the Values and Purpose methodology over the 6 months. 

The power of the Coaching Circle is created by the collective vulnerability of the group exploring their current business challenges and being coached by the expert Coach. The insights and breakthroughs resonate with the whole group and take the coaching to a whole new level.

"The coaching circle, for me, was a way to continue my journey. In fact, I'd go as far to say that transforming self was the first step and the coaching circle is helping me create habits that support me in that embedding/integrating my transformation as a way of life. I use the tools in the journal all the time and reflect on who I am and how I turn up more and more, I have inspirational people to share this journey with and to challenge me and offer such valuable insights and, of course, Lisa continues to challenge and call me out!  The journey is continuing and I love it. I love the impact this is all having on my life and those around me as a result. I And I don't want it to stop. I feel at peace, I feel easeful and I am empowered to JUST BE."

Helen Hatton, Consultant, UK

How to Enrol

We offer Coaching Circle groups based on demand. Each group consists of up to 4 people. If you are interested in joining a Coaching Circle, please complete the form below and will be in contact with you once we have a group ready to begin.

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