Values and Purpose Coaching Journal

A Practice of Self Transformation

This journal is a self-paced coaching practice to help you manifest your Purpose by living your Values.

About the Practice and Methodology

This journal combines practices from the latest leadership research, along with over 20 years of client experiences. 

We have combined thinking from Richard Barrett's 7 Levels of Consciousness Model, Robert Kegan's Adult Stages of Development, Otto Scharmer's Theory U and more.

A Life Changing Practice

We have coached hundreds of clients using this method and it has transformed their lives. This method allows you to become highly conscious of your Values and Purpose and become more courageous to move through your fears, or what is holding you back in your life. 

Other benefits include:

  • Become masterful on being on the "balcony" of your own life
  • You will manifest your goals sooner by focusing on your Purpose, in a fulfilling way
  • A joyful experience to celebrate your own achievements and also become aware of your own triggers
  • Showing your leaders that you have a practice to help you reach your goals sooner
  • Following a sustainable way to transform
  • A step-by-step guide to manifest your dreams and purpose. 

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What to expect

The journal follows a monthly cycle. Each month, there will be an opportunity to:

  • Reflect on the last month, and set an intention from your Purpose for the following month
  • Complete our transformational values-based coaching exercise, to shift triggers, have insights about your challenges and yourself, and step into a new value to bring you closer to your purpose
  • Weekly journalling to help shift triggers



Deep Dive into the universe of Values and Purpose Methodology with chapters of rich and relatable teaching moments and content.

Learn about Values and Leadership Research behind it:

  • How This Coaching Journal Came About
  • How the Values and Purpose Coaching Works
  • Why Values & Purpose?
  • Embracing the Learning Zone
  • Working in a Values & Purpose Guided Organisation
  • The Values and Purpose Methodology

Begin your Coaching Journey:

  • Choosing Your Values
  • Crafting Your Purpose 
  • Creating Your Inner Compass

Followed by become masterful over your triggers through monthly coaching and journaling. 

Join a Coaching Circle

Learn More

The most fulfilling and rewarding way to follow this practice is with an accredited coach and a small group of like-minded people on their values and purpose journey.

By being coached, you'll be challenged to step outside your current thinking with the support of others who are experiencing, or have experienced similar challenges. By learning in small groups together, we have found that the group resonance is extremely valuable on the journey, as coachees often have similar experiences and can support each other in a very fulfilling way.

We run coaching circles regularly with clients and ensure to create a group of leaders, facilitators or coaches who are in similar stages of life or experiencing similar challenges. Please be in touch with us if you'd like to join a catered group.