Facilitator Journeys

A facilitator or change agent can only transform a group to their own level of consciousness.

Our mission is to help expand the level of consciousness of leaders to help transform the world. 

Core to this mission is the availability of "Facilitators of Transformation" who have both the consciousness and competence to facilitate this Values and Purpose methodology. They have the presence and capability to access wisdom with laser-like insights whilst grounded in the business.

Our Offerings


Facilitating Deep TransformatioN

(previously called FTV)

The Illuminate Program is an advanced, life-transforming development program that enables facilitators/coaches to create transformation for their clients or their own organisation by developing their "Being" along with their "Doing" and "Knowing". They become a Catalysing Presence.

We are continuing to create a Community of Transformational Facilitators that, collectively, are enabling a shift in consciousness of leaders globally. 

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Barrett Values Centre Practitioner Certification

Culture Values Assessment 
360 Leadership assessment

Barrett Values Centre and their Model, Barrett 7 Levels of Consciousness, is a powerful tool used to diagnose the consciousness of an individual, team or whole organisation. 

The model can be used as a diagnostic and coaching tool. We offer both of Barrett's Certification programs:

  • Barrett Culture Assessment Certification Program
  • Barrett Leadership and Coaching Accreditation
  • Barrett Whole Systems Change Certification (to be available 2024)

Please note that the first day of the first two programs have the same content and, therefore, discounts are applied by attending both.

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Customised Internal Capability Building

We believe the most powerful and cost effective way for a culture change to be embedded within an organisation is through developing an organisation's own internal capability. We design and develop internal facilitator development programs for our clients. See the Nordea Bank case history.

Case History

Endorsed Training

Based on our experience, we are proud to endorse the following development programs for facilitators or coaches who wish to expand their capability and transformational offerings to clients.

Leadership Circle

The Leadership Circle 360 Profile is one of the most comprehensive and cutting edge 360 tools. Participants gain insight into their two primary leadership domains: creative competencies and reactive tendencies: “why” they are operating as they do. 

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Theory U Presencing Foundation Program 

Theory U, developed by Otto Scharis a framework at the intersection of science, profound social and organizational change, and consciousness. We highly recommend their Foundation Program delivered as a free online program.

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John Demartini's "The Demartini Method" is a breakthrough methodology around a systemic series of questions that transform our life experience. This has influenced our work.


Systemic Dynamics

Caroline Ward

The Power of Systemic Intelligence

Paul Zonneveld & Mieke Jacobs

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