Leadership 3: Leading Through Purpose

Expand your leadership effectiveness and feel a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in your work.

Leading through Purpose, is our advanced leadership development program.  

You will build on the values-based leadership skills learned in our Transforming Self Coaching Journey to become a Purpose-Led Leader.

Through your own personal leadership transformation, and connection with your sense of Purpose, you will become a powerful agent of organizational transformation.

Leadership Effectiveness

The program is designed to help develop your Leadership Effectiveness through 5 creative leadership dimensions* of

  • Achieving
  • Systems Thinking
  • Courageous Authenticity
  • Self-awareness (becoming more values-and-purpose driven) and
  • Relating (with a focus on collaboration)

Developing your authenticity, the program will help you navigate the 7 levels of leadership consciousness, giving you the awareness to adopt the leadership approach that is most suitable for any given circumstance.  

*The Leadership Circle

For leaders who want to make a difference in their life and work

This program is aimed at leaders who are hungry to explore their own leadership potential. 

Candidates will be Leaders who are facing challenges such as:   

  • How do I find more balance and/or become the best version of myself, given the pressures I’m experiencing in my life and work?
  • I feel like what got me here, is no longer working for me. I’m feeling less satisfied.
  • How do I make the next step in my career/life that will bring me a deeper sense of satisfaction? 
  • How do I find a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in my life and work?

Built upon Leadership Research

This program is build upon the strong foundation which the latest leadership research has supported. Some of the frameworks include The Leadership Circle Profile and Richard Barrett’s 7 Levels of Leadership Consciousness model.

Commitment & Format


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This program is run through a modular approach of approx 2.5 hrs every 2 weeks over 6 months.

Each module is in a group of up to 12 leaders who are facing similar challenges. 

In each module, the group will reflect on their leadership, work through a new concept and integrate it into their leadership practice and set leadership goals for the next 2 weeks.

INCLUDING THE Leadership Circle Profile

The Leadership Circle Profile is a well-researched and highly effective 360 Leadership Feedback Tool. Each participant will experience the 360 Feedback tool and a debrief as part of the program.


Participants must have attended the Transforming Self Journey before attending this advanced program, as the modules build upon that from Transforming Self.