Illuminate: Facilitating Deep Transformation

Does your Presence transform a room?

 We have found that experienced facilitators are looking for a way to create a greater transformational shift in their clients. The shift that is being called for is within themselves. For one to transform others, they first must expand their own Consciousness, their Being and their Presence to be an open channel for wisdom to emerge. In "Illuminate: Facilitating Deep Transformation" (formally called FTV) each person's Presence and Being is transformed through learning the Work and by living it themselves. In small groups, we coach, mentor and nurture each person for them to step into their Greatness. 

What makes a 
"Facilitator of Transformation"? 

A Facilitator of Transformation holds the space for profound transformation of their participants and the system. 

A Facilitator of Transformation facilitates through holding intention, compassion and being of Service.   

It requires a facilitator to let go of their egoic self needs and facilitate from Source; integrating IQ, EQ and SQ (spiritual intention).

The capabilities we develop in Illuminate are as follows:


Courageous Authenticity
Letting go 
Seeing the Perfection of every moment


(in addition to basic facilitation skills)

Working with Energy
Transformational Storytelling
Working with Conflict


Practical Application in the Business
Latest Leadership Research
Whole Systems Change

Connected to a Lineage of Ancient Wisdom and Thought Leaders

The power of this program is attributed to the lineage and essence upon which it has been founded.

We have integrated teachings from Ancient Wisdom along with the latest leadership research. 

The wisdom sources include Gita Bellin, David Hawkins, Eckhart Tolle, Richard Barrett, John Demartini, among others. The content integrates several models such as Barrett 7 Levels of Consciousness, Theory U, Kegan's Adult Stages of Development, Anderson's Leadership Circle and Heifetz's Adaptive Leadership. 

This accreditation program has been developed over a 5-year period in collaboration with one of the largest management consultancies and their global clients.


Our Bigger Why

We began this program with bigger intentions

To Create a global community of transformational facilitators with expanded consciousness, trained to the highest standard.

To empower leaders with an accessible Values methodology of Wisdom, grounded in business.

To Create a "Collaboration Movement" where we can work together with consciousness-raising organisations to enable greater impact in business and society. 

Watch and listen to Phil Clothier, former CEO of Barrett Values Centre, share his insights about why this program is so important for facilitators, coaches or change agents.

John Poulsen, Former CEO of Law Firm shares his experience as a participant.

“True transformation is limited to the degree 
that facilitators are willing to do their own work.”


Who is this program for?

The program is aimed at facilitators, coaches or business leaders who are already experienced but are usually searching for something they know is missing in their ability to facilitate deep transformation.


Key attributes required:

  • Feel “called” to do this work
  • Experienced as a facilitator
  • Have been on a personal transformation journey
  • Seniority/credibility as a leader
  • Strength in emotional intelligence

Selection: Upon registration, candidates are interviewed to ensure a fit so that we may set candidates up for success.

Start Application

If you are new to values and culture transformation, we highly recommend you first be accredited in Barrett Cultural Assessment Certification.

Program Structure

The program follows a Forum-Field-Forum Approach.

Pre-Requisite: Attending Transforming Self Program. This is the values-based leadership program that you will be accredited to facilitate. We ask all of the participants to first have a real-life experience so that they can have a felt sense which their future participants will experience.

Forum 1: Learning the Content (modules) and what it is to be a Facilitator of Transformation.

Forum 2: Facilitating and Accreditation of modules.

This program is offered in-person, or online. 

The online program is ran as half-day sessions, and therefor have an additional 3 x half days added to the program.

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You have to experience this course; it is a journey – just reading about this is not enough. You will experience yourself in such a deep way where you understand who you are and who you could become. It frees your heart. 
I wish everybody who is a Barrett consultant could go to this course. 
This is what they need.

-Tor Eneroth, Barrett Values Centre

Our Community of Facilitators of Transformation

Graduates of Illuminate join our Community. We now have over 250 graduates around the world, from leading management consultancies, professional services firms, facilitators/coaches and as change leaders within organisations.

 The purpose of the Community is to:

  • nurture, learn and grow together
  • realise our potential as a collective 
  • connect and collaborate with like-minded practitioners around the world
  • learn from thought leaders and guest speakers

Graduates access our myFTV portal which connects all practitioners and provides videos, content materials, resources and more.  

Each month we hold Masterclasses as a way of connecting and deepening our collective resonance.  

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