Leadership, Team and Culture Transformations

The potential and performance of an organisation is limited by the consciousness of the leaders

Organisations don't transform, people do.

It starts with the Leader(s).

Our focus on Values and Purpose is at the core of personal Leadership, Team and Organisational Culture transformation programs.  To create a shift at a systemic level, we support clients at three levels:

Leadership Transformation

Through our values and purpose focus, we help leaders transform by reframing the leadership challenges they face as growth opportunities.

Team Transformation JOURNEYS

We help teams become high performing and reach aspirational goals by building a trusting environment of support and challenge, that strengthens their collective impact.

Culture Transformation

We help the organisation tap into the potential of its people by engaging the whole organisation in co-creating its Purpose and developing a values-led culture.

Leadership Transformation

To create a high-perfoming culture, it starts with the leader's ability to be self-aware and create psychologically safe and inspiring places of work. For us as Leaders, the core of all culture and team transformation is our relationship with self. W Our thoughts, feelings, values and beliefs (whether conscious or not), drive how we show up and what we perceive to be true.

Our leadership development programs integrate our Values and Purpose methodology which enables a Leader to:

  • Become highly aware of their top values and how to live them more fully
  • Move out of their reactive triggers  
  • Reframe upsets and challenges as their greatest learning opportunities
  • Step into their sense of Purpose to making a bigger difference in the world

This new awareness expands the consciousness of the Leader, where a greater perspective and ability to unlock complex challenges is available.  

Like upgrading a computer, we are upgrading our own operating system where we become more effective, more connected, more in "flow", and able to sense and bring-into-form the potential that lies within us.

Transforming Self Program

We offer our flagship transformational leadership program Transforming Self, as a public course so that individuals have an opportunity to experience the power of this work.

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“What sets apart high-performance teams is how deeply committed the members are to one another’s growth and success”

- Jon Katzenbach, The Wisdom of Teams

Team Transformation Journeys

We know that to unlock a system, it must be led by high-performing team leadership. We help leadership teams step in to their full potential and become inspirational as a collective.

The work we do with teams is to take them on a journey of team alignment and personal growth. In this journey, we work with the team to align towards their desired future, the values and behaviours which they live by, and co-create an inspiring Team Purpose which takes the team to a new level of impact and being in service towards something greater. 

Through building deeper trust, the team commits to one another's growth and success, holding each other individual and collective accountable.

Challenges are reframed as the team’s biggest opportunities.

When each leader transforms, the team's collective potential can be realised. 

Creating Thriving Cultures

Why is that 70-75% of transformations efforts fail?  

In John Kotter's work, "Why Transformation Efforts Fail", he identified that most organisations' transformation efforts focus on the visible elements of the transformation, such as structures and processes.

His research, and that of others such as McKinsey & Company, found that transformation efforts are more likely to succeed if they focus first on the mindsets and behaviours of the Leaders so that they can role-model the desired shift.

Culture Transformation

You get what you measure.

We help the organisation tap into the potential of its people by engaging the whole organisation in co-creating its Purpose and developing a values-led culture.

Typically we work with an organisation first by:

  • Measuring its culture
  • Creating a whole-system dialogue of the assessment results and discovering the desired "From-To" shift in the culture
  • Working with the Executive in finalising the Purpose, Values and defining supporting behaviours
  • Engaging the whole system in an integrated approach to culture change and supporting the leaders in role modelling the desired culture.

"The success of an intervention depends upon the interior condition of the intervenor"

- Will O'Brien (ex-CEO), Hanover Insurance