Building Internal "Facilitators of Transformation" Capability for Largest Nordic Bank

Building Internal "Facilitators of Transformation" Capability for Largest Nordic Bank

BY Lisa Doig
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The Challenge

In the aftermath of the financial crises and with increasing pressure on regulatory compliance, the bank decided to accelerate its journey to become a Purpose-led, Values-guided organisation. As one of the largest universal banks in Europe, with 33,000 employees, they wanted to lead the way for the industry and communities they serve. Whilst a business transformation had already begun, the next phase was to integrate the “human transformation” with the business transformation.  With cost pressure on the organisation, a focus was on training internal capability and using the capability of Leaders to be transformational themselves, rather than rely on consultants.


The Approach

We partnered with the client, and other consultants, to deliver an integrated approach to:

  • Whole systems change
  • Culture transformation
  • Leadership transformation

The first phase spanning about 18 months included:

  • Culture diagnostic with the Barrett Cultural Transformation Tools
  • Executive Team Transformation Journey
  • Whole systems development of a Purpose, Values and Behaviours
  • Development of internal capability of “Facilitators of Transformation” to facilitate a 3-day "Transformation Leadership Program" (TLP), based on our "Transforming Self Program".
  • Top 300 Leaders through the 3-day TLP.
  • Sustaining practices, coaching and modular versions of the TLP.


Internal Capability of "Facilitators of Transformation"

Although involved in all aspects of the project, the main focus for Corporate Evolution was the design, development and training of 30 internal change agents to design and co-facilitate the “Transformational Leadership Program" for 300 Senior Leaders across the bank. 

We ran 3 cohorts of “Facilitating Transformation through Values: Self™” programs where internal change agents learned how to move from “Trainer"/"Facilitator” to “Facilitator of Transformation”; able to hold the space for deep transformation of individuals and groups. 

The facilitators are now capable of running the Transformational Leadership Program both at senior levels and cascaded at other levels through a modular version.


See what Karen Tobiasen, Chief People Officer, had to say about the Transformation:

Some of the Facilitators of Transformation trained by Corporate Evolution to deliver the Transformational Leadership Program to the Top 300 leaders.

Moving to “Leader-led” Team Transformation Journeys

The next phase is working vertically within teams to apply transformational leadership skills in a team environment to unlock their adaptive challenges and deliver tangible results. The internal Facilitators of Transformation went through the “Facilitating Transformation through Values: Teams” training and are now running Team Transformation Journeys for each business unit, both full journeys and modules, mentored by Corporate Evolution.

The Team Transformation Journeys equip teams to uncover any underlying systemic issues within each team, realign or create their team Purpose and Values, and create tangible outcomes on how to work together as an aligned team in the future.

“What stands out for me in working with Corporate Evolution is the level of partnership that Corporate Evolution has met Nordea with from the beginning, holding the highest intentions for Nordea to succeed in the journey of becoming a Purpose-lead and Values-Guided Bank in a sustainable way where we as leaders and facilitators can hold the work ourselves. The experience has been that everything Corporate Evolution has done has been to serve this by always focusing on how to build Nordea’s own capabilities the most while being in co-creation with us and thereby evolving together. Corporate Evolution has been and continue to be a very special source of wisdom for us and a very special partner to us and we are grateful for what everyone behind the scenes and in direct collaboration with us from Corporate Evolution have done in enabling us to find our own path and making us capable and confident in that journey”

-Karen Tobiasen, Group People Officer, Head of Group People, Nordea