Enabling teams to reach high performance as a team through an inner and outer journey

Integrating culture and business transformation

The purpose of the Team Transformation Journey is to:

  • Help a team solve their teams adaptive challenges through a focus on alignment, execution and renewal
  • To develop team members as Transformational Leaders
  • To embed their organisation's Values and Purpose


  • Higher performance
  • Strategic dialogue
  • Greater courage and accountability
  • Higher level of trust


As the program is built around each clients needs, the timing does vary. Typically, it is a six – twelve month program.

To embark on this journey, leaders need to have the courage to look in the mirror at their own leadership style.

How is this unlike any other program?

  • Tailored to the client's needs
  • Values and Consciousness based
  • Focused on solving the team's business challenges

Westpac Institutional Bank

Team Transformation Journey with the Risk Leadership Team

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Team Transformation Journey Timeline


A Phased Approach

1. Diagnostic Interview & Team Survey

2. Team Alignment Workshop:  

Create foundations of a high performing team and builds trust.  

  • Diagnostic to measure team culture 
  • Develop a Shared Purpose and Vision 
  • Clarify priorities 
  • Team Feedback 
  • Team Charter that integrates values 
  • Developing a 180-Day Action Plan

3. Individual LCP Feedback

The Leadership Circle or Barrett Values Centre Leadership Values Assessment

4. Transforming Self Program

A two-day program transform one's leadership through the lens of Values and Purpose.

  • Deep Dive on Individual Leadership
  • How to move from Reactive to Creative Mind
  • Unlocking business challenges through values based methodology

5. Monthly Team Progress and Learnings Meetings

  • Embedding our new way of working through regular (monthly) team “balcony” sessions to review progress against our plan, make decisions, deal with conflict in accordance with our Team Charter. 
  • The sessions may be used to refresh topics and tackle new issues within the team.
  • Apply team Agreement to reviewing progress  on 180 Day Action Plan; and learning from successes and upsets.

6. Group Coaching

Concurrently work on continued Leadership Transformation through group coaching of 2-4 team members. 

7. Adaptive Challenge Workshop:

  • Unlock the Team’s Adaptive Challenges through the U Process / The Inspired Leader Journey: Transforming Self concepts
  • Taking ownership at a personal transformation and team transformation level
  • Outcomes of courageous initiatives in the business
  • Practically applying Inspired Leader: Transforming Self to team’s adaptive challenges

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