The Purpose of the Facilitating Transformation through Values (FTV) is to create a shift in transformational facilitation capability of facilitators, coaches and leaders.

Our Bigger Why  

  • To make a more sustainable and deeper impact at a personal, organizational, community and/or societal level. 
  • To help shift global consciousness in an accessible way, through a focus on values and Purpose.
  • To empower leaders, facilitators and coaches with a methodology where they can use values more powerfully with their people and clients.
  • To create a global community of transformational facilitators of the highest standard.
  • Create a "Collaboration Movement" where we can work together with consciousness-raising organisations, such as Barrett Values Centre, to enable greater impact in business and society.

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What makes a "Facilitator of Transformation"?

A "Facilitator of Transformation" is one who facilitates through holding intention, compassion and being of Service. It requires us to let go of our judgments and move through our own fears and limiting beliefs so that we can facilitate a truly transformational and emergent process for your people and/or the client. 

The capabilities we develop in the FTV are as follows:


  • Access to Higher Self
  • Presence
  • Connectedness
  • Compassion
  • Courageous Authenticity
  • Connected to Purpose
  • Letting go 
  • Seeing the Perfection of every moment


(in addition to basic facilitation skills)

  • Working with Energy
  • Creating Meaning
  • Transformational Stories
  • Working with Conflict


  • Practical Application in the Business
  • Latest Leadership Research
  • Whole Systems Change

FTV Self

To Facilitate the Transforming Self program

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The purpose of FTV Self is to develop a facilitator's Being, Doing and Knowing. We have found that experienced facilitators are looking for a way to create a greater transformational shift in their clients. The shift that is being called for is within themselves. For one to transform others, they first must expand their own Consciousness, their Being and their Presence to be an open channel for wisdom to emerge. In the FTV, each person's Presence and Being is transformed through learning the Work by living it themselves. In small groups, we coach, mentor and nurture each person for them to step into their Greatness. 


The program enables you to:

  • Rewrite one’s narrative from a truly transformational perspective
  • Be freed from long held beliefs and liberated to be one’s true Self
  • Expand your Consciousness
  • Transform your Presence
  • Facilitate Transforming Self Program (13 sessions) 
  • Learn how to design a transformation program (U Process) 

FTV Teams

To facilitate Team Transformation Journeys


The purpose of Teams is to extend and expand facilitators' capability to create transformation in groups and teams. You will receive our entire Team Journey catalogue of 25 session plans, that are tried and tested with global senior teams over the last 19 years. The sessions cover a 9-month Team Transformation Journey.  An important part of the program is action learning by engaging your own client in a Team Alignment workshop and facilitating your own program.

The specific focus of this program is on growing the capabilities of the facilitators' "Being" and "Doing" around:

  • How to hold the "SQ Intention" throughout an engagement
  • Designing a transformational program around the "U" 
  • Working with tensions within self and your clients
  • Holding emergence and presencing
  • Birthing a new possibility, a new trajectory for a client

Prerequisite is FTV Self program to experience and integrate the transformational essence of this work.


  • Receive a 9-month Team Journey collection of 25 session plans for 4 key interventions: Team Alignment workshop, Unlocking Adaptive Challenge workshop, Team Observation and Group Coaching. Also included is a section on planning and designing team journeys.
  • Experience the Team Alignment workshop as part of the Team Journey
  • Feedback and growth around your "Beingness" as a Facilitator
  • Feel skilled and comfortable in working with tensions
  • Experience your next level of transformation through the U Process 
  • Help you design a Team Journey intervention for your client
  • Have access to all 25 sessions of a team transformation

Watch John Poulsen, a previous participant, share his experience of the FTV.

Corporate Evolution - Facilitator Trained Community


Our global Facilitating Transformation through Values Community of over 200 graduates

Who is it for?

The FTV is an advanced facilitator accreditation

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The program is aimed at leaders, culture change agents, facilitators, HR/OD practitioners and coaches. You may be:

  • Responsible for culture change
  • Wishing to take your leadership to another level, wishing to transform others
  • Part of Internal learning, development, culture change facilitators and designers
  • A facilitator who is wishing to transform clients at a deep level

If you are new to values and culture transformation, we highly recommend you first be accredited on Barrett Cultural Transformation Tools accreditation.

Key attributes required:

  • Typically, 10+ Years business experience
  • Strong credibility and ability to influence senior executives
  • Strength in emotional intelligence
  • Feel “called” to do this work
  • Strength in basic facilitation

Selection: Upon registration, candidates are interviewed to ensure a fit so that we may set candidates up for success.

"Thank you for what I think has been one of the most transformative and enriching experiences in my life. I really experienced the power of this work and feel so grateful for you and the whole group for the intention, caring and real support that was held during the complete program. Also, for all the wisdom, generosity and love you bring to the world by creating this program."

Josefa Valdes, Santander Bank, Chile

"You have to experience this course; it is a journey – just reading about this is not enough. You will experience yourself in such a deep way where you understand who you are and who you could become. It frees your heart. I wish everybody who is a CTT consultant could go to this course. This is what they need."

Tor Eneroth, Network Director, Barrett Values Centre

" The facilitators' quality and role modeling. Simply exceptional!"

Shalini Matai, Indonesia

​"A great exposition and experience of how to facilitate from the SQ space, while being grounded in the business intentions. The two-day Leading from Values and Purpose workshop is a fast-track journey for personal transformation with clearly made connections to organisational transformation. The Facilitating through Values program for facilitators is built on strong design principles both in terms of its content and its focus on the SQ intention. This enables participants to be guided and at the same time to be free and enspirited instruments for transformation using the frameworks provided". 

Renu Burr, Australia

“This program has transformed me by letting go of my fears, limiting beliefs, attachments and expectations. I now see the world around me and a whole range of new opportunities. I am empowered and free to make choices. I've let go, so I can let come."

Christine Kennedy, Australia

"It was full of content and experiential anchors, a powerful way to learn modules and understand the underlying "behind-the scenes" intention and energy that sits at the base of the program. Immersing myself in the most part as a participant, helped embed meaning to each of the modules later on as a facilitator. It was unique in that they shared everything with us, not holding anything back with the true intention for us to be masterful in delivering the program in its totality, energy and essence."

Malti Bhojwani, Singapore

"Overall I had a deeply transformational experience both on a personal and organisational level. It facilitated my wish for the week more than 100%. It strengthened my trust and faith in my Being part, integrated a lot, so that I am being prepared to fully live my soul's purpose. The week was a life changing experience for me". 

Vivienne Reesink, KLM Airlines, Netherlands

"I loved the core concepts behind this program and the way they were shared. I thought the material was strong and very well put together. The material and exercises prompted a series of profound insights about my own behavior and how this behaviour is connected to values. I appreciated how the facilitation team worked so well together to respond to evolving needs and the flow of the program. The generosity and openness of fellow participants was amazing and created an atmosphere of individual and collective expansion, growth and transformation and growth atmosphere." 

Jack Pinter, UK 

"The quality of facilitation and training of facilitators was excellent. Especially the safety, compassion, spiritual intentionality and energy. The quality of the content and materials is also first class. The journey we took as a team and the connections with each other and the work was profound and wonderful collective wisdom was able to emerge."

Kris Morton, Dubai

​"This program presented me a deep dive into transformational work, both for myself and in my capacity as a facilitator. I am very grateful for the 'felt experience' of the modules and the insight into how values are linked to (un)met needs. I have reached a deeper level of consciousness and understanding and am grateful for the impact it is already having on my clients when facilitating: reaching out to them on a deeper level and creating space for insights and transformation."

Reinier Tilanus, Netherlands 

In my experience, FTV Teams meant a big step forward by experiencing transformation in a collective/systemic way, and also by receiving extraordinary material that, just a few days after the training, allowed me to create great value for teams I'm working with.

Josefa Valdes, Santander Bank

You’re my example of Adult Learning. The pandemic shifted how we needed to learn online. I felt always seen and held. You built in redundancy so whatever your learning style or potential concerns, you covered it. You had the class on zoom, the printed material, virtual practice sessions and then, if you missed anything, you could watch a video of the module. And if you wanted the beautiful material you can touch so that you felt you got your money’s worth, you had this too. It is as if you sat in a circle in each chair of different learning styles and catered to them. You had the learning, the practice, the feedback, the criteria and the structure. -Dr Paula Berardinelli

Dr Paula Berardinelli

Today I did my first coaching session with a Senior Leader in the bank that I work in. When I joined years ago I thought that was something that this work was ‘too much out there’ for the bank. I am SO thankful that I met you and so thankful that you shared this important work with me. The leader checked out of today’s session with: “I will cherish this insight for the rest of my life!” I am humbled and in awe ❤

Kathrine Glahn

Barrett Values Centre

In March 2015, the Barrett Values Centre (BVC), globally recognised for its leadership in the area of values diagnostic and consciousness model, formally endorsed Facilitating Transformation through Values program.

The purpose of their endorsement is to enable its network to not only be confident and competent in the BVC tools (such as Cultural Transformation Tools), but also to increase their consciousness and congruence as a “Facilitator of Transformation” – thereby accelerating the level and impact of transformation and conscious evolution in the world.

We are pleased to partner with BVC towards our shared purpose to be a global resource for the evolution of consciousness.

International Coaching Federation

FTV Self is an ICF Continuing Coach Education provider for the below two categories:

  • Core Competencies (31 hours)
  • Resource Development (9 hours)

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