Malcolm Doig

Malcolm Doig


Malcolm is a Director of Corporate Evolution Pty Ltd , created to help leaders transform their leadership, their organisations and society.

Malcolm’s unique niche is in helping business leaders transcend the challenges that they face, in a way that helps them find more meaning and purpose in their lives and work.

From his grounded, practical background as a leader of high-performance teams in the oil industry, combined with his 20+ years of deep immersion in the study of leadership, philosophy and spirituality, Malcolm is able to help leaders re-shape their mindsets and expand the leadership in the direction of their deeper sense of Purpose.

He has been coaching senior executives in leading organisations in Australia and around the world for over 20 years and has been part of McKinsey & Company’s international network of transformational facilitators.

Malcolm loves his family, nature (especially birds) and is a very keen cyclist.

Areas of Specialisation

  • Engaging and facilitating business leaders who are dealing with tough situations
  • Coaching CEOs and Senior Managers
  • Building High Performance Team Cultures
  • Design and implementation of tailored corporate culture transformation programs

Experience Highlights

Malcolm is a member of McKinsey & Company’s global network of transformational facilitators.

Industry sectors:
Professional Services, Retail, Major Bank, and Mining, Oil & Gas, Primary Industries

Australia, UK, Europe, Vietnam, India, Singapore