What is it to live your Values and Purpose?

BY Stellar Studio
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On the journey towards living our Purpose, life gives us opportunities to grow…

Sometimes these “opportunities” can feel like a challenge. Does this resonate? 
When we get triggered or pushed to the edge of our “Comfort Zone”, we often react.... and others do not always see the best of us.  
One of the wonderful things about consciously living our Purpose, is that it gives us a reason to move outside of our “Comfort Zone” ... and step into the often-challenging space of the "Learning Zone." 
Becoming aware of, and focusing on our top values can act like stepping stones, which guide us through the Learning Zone, where, instead of feeling fear and uncertainty, we can name-the-fear and be inspired by our Values and Purpose.
We are passionate about helping leaders, coaches and facilitators realise that working at a deeper level with our Values can liberate us from our old stories and old beliefs. In fact, our top Values can lead us to our sense of Purpose. 
Take a moment to reflect and ask yourself: 
💡What is important to me right now?
💡Am I living the life I want to live? 
💡What is the belief I carry around that blocks me from this aspiration?
💡 Which of my Values are calling me now to be lived more fully or courageously? And how are they connected to my Purpose? 
When we become conscious of what is driving us (the old stories), we can stand on a higher balcony and choose to listen to a deeper, inner voice that is always calling us to be who we really are. 
This is the journey of growth, of transformation, of expansion... the expanded awareness of extraordinary leadership.  

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