Whether you are a leader, facilitator or coach, we offer a number of pathways to experience or deliver deeply transformational programs based on Values

Our Why

  • Make available to the world a way to work with values that is deeply transformational and sustainable.
  • To empower facilitators and coaches with a methodology where they can use values more powerfully with clients.
  •  To create a global community of transformational facilitators of the highest standard.
  • Create a "Collaboration Movement" where we can work together with consciousness-raising organisations, such as Barrett Values Centre, to enable greater impact in business and society. 

Our Programs

Inspired Leader Journey: Transforming Self

Experience our two-day transformational leadership program.


Facilitating Transformation through Values

Become accredited as a "Facilitator of Transformation".


Coaching Accreditations

Become accredited as a Values Coach.


Cultural Transformation Tools

Become accredited in running Barrett Values Centre's values diagnostic in organisations.


Our Mentors

Lisa Doig Circle

Lisa Doig

Malcolm Doig Circle

Malcolm Doig

Renu Burr Circle

Renu Burr

Vivienne Dorenbos Reesink High Res Small Circle

Vivienne Dorenbos Reesink