We are passionate about co-creating customised programs with our clients.

We have learned the importance of meeting the client where they are at and, at the same time, holding an aspiration with them, about where they can be.

What is the need?

One of the challenges our clients face in large scale culture change is the cost of external consultants over a long period. 

In partnership with our clients we look for cost-effective solutions to deliver high quality leadership programs, tailored to their need. We co-create the content development with the client team and work towards a solution where expertise is transferred and internal capability is built and sustained.

Types of customised programs

The customised program ranges from:

  •  1 day tailoring of the Inspired Leader Journey: Transforming Self program.
  • 12-month facilitator development program in which we train, accredit and mentor internal change agents capable of continuing the transformational work with teams and the whole organisation.

Committed to your success

As integrity of the work is paramount to us, we are committed to working with your team to not only train and accredit them, but also to mentor and co-facilitate with them so that the quality of the outcome is ensured.

Client Example: Nordea Bank, largest bank in the Nordics

The Need

Nordea embarked on a large-scale transformation that aimed to reinvent the way they do business in a profound way. Wishing to be led by their Purpose and guided by our Values, their focus was to become more innovative, agile, competitive and relevant to their customers, creating value for society and their shareholders.


  • Partner with the design team for whole systems culture transformation
  • Co-created  2.5 + 1 day "Transformational Leadership Program (TLP)"  for top 300 leaders of the bank 
  • 25 internal champions trained, accredited and mentored in our Facilitating Transformation through Values program
  • Co-facilitated TLP and ongoing coaching to senior leaders


Leaders have the capability to implement the business transformation through heart, purpose and values. The integration of head and heart, engages the people and the customers.

They now have internal capability to sustain the transformation without external consultants.

Based on my own experience of attending the FTV I knew the impact of human transformation. I so much believe Bill O'Brien's quote when he said ‘The success of an intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervener’ and therefore the basic beliefs for our transformation in Nordea is that ‘there is no business transformation without a human transformation’.

Our leaders now step up and take ownership for the transformation and jointly we own the same language. I can really feel the shift in consciousness and what impact it has on the business already. I am so very excited to co-travel our transformation journey with leaders of the bank sharing the same philosophy.

- Karen Tobiason, Chief People Officer, Nordea Bank