Iceberg Model

Coaching through Values™ Accreditation

Values Coaching is a 4-part webinar workshop to learn how to coach your clients through the lens of values.  The coaching process helps a coachee move from their ego/fear-based beliefs to their Higher Self. We use the Iceberg Model as the core framework with a focus on values, beliefs and needs. Asking transformational questions creates a deep shift in their awareness, connecting with their top values, moving them into their purpose and authenticity.  We use the Barrett 7 Levels of Consciousness framework as a pathway to understand values and the journey to mastery.

You will learn to use the Values Journal as methodology of your coaching.

Who is it for?

Iceberg Model coaching accreditation is for any professional who wishes to learn values-based coaching:

  • Pre-requisite: Attendance at the Inspired Leader Journey™ 2-day workshop
  • Existing coaches who wish to deep dive into values and consciousness as a transformational methodology
  • Individuals who have attended our Inspired Leader Journey™ and wish to gain expertise in living their values and using the Iceberg Model tool to sustain their transformation


  • Session 1: Introduction
    Frames, Goals 
  • Session 2: What is transformational Coaching
    Understanding Values and Levels of Consciousness, Ego to Soul
  • Session 3: Deep dive into the Iceberg 1
    The Brain, Triggers, Emotions, Beliefs and Needs, Ego vs Soul
  • Session 4: Deep dive into the Iceberg 2
    How to create Transformation, How to connect with the Soul, Letting Go, Embodying Transformation

Iceberg Model coaching is webinar based, however can be run in workshops for internal teams. 


  1. Four Webinars
  2. Field Work: practice coaching
  3. Supervision: group coaching supervision
  4. Accreditation: two-hour session

Seeing the Perfection

Coaching through Values™ Accreditation


Seeing the Perfection (STP) coaching is a life changing coaching process. It is used when a coachee is holding on to a long-held fear/pain/hurt which feels immovable to them. We create a safe environment for a coachee to “collapse” the perception of that life experience which formed a core limiting belief – experiencing a profound shift in how they see and feel all those involved in the experience. STP coaching is an offer to a coachee, meeting the yearning of their Higher Self/ Soul to be whole. The experience is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experience that is felt deeply in their Being. The skill of the coaching is your ability to surrender and allow your intuition and Knowing to play its subtle part. They key is holding the space for emergence. The coaching is a beautiful sacred dance between the coach and coachee.

Who is it for?

1. Graduates of Iceberg Process coaching accreditation or
2. Graduates of Facilitating Transformation through Values™


We run this accreditation in workshop form, and in webinar form:

1. Workshop or Webinar
In our first workshop, we will explore the deeper wisdom behind the STP coaching and experience as a fishbowl example. We will invite one of you to be the coachee. Later, you will have your own practical experience in paired coaching with time for questions and deepening understanding.

2. Webinar
This is your Coaching Supervision opportunity where you will be sharing your STP coaching experience with your coachees. There will be another opportunity to observe an STP to gain the finer nuances of the process. Shared learning deepens our understanding of the process.

3. Accreditation session (2 hours)
2-hour accreditation through Facilitator observing your STP coaching session with one of your coachees.

"The process of Seeing the Perfection completely transformed my relationships with colleagues and close family members. It provides a powerful reframe of an experience in the past. I felt grateful and profoundly healed."

Partner, Global Professional Services Firm

"In Seeing the Perfection time disappeared. past, present and future converged into the Now - the place where all potential exists. And the emotions and judgments which were stuck in the past dissolved instantaneously allowing for forgiveness. Forgiveness for self and other. And resulting in healed relationships and the untangling of karmic threads. In that place, I experienced spaciousness, freedom and wisdom. Freedom to choose differently. To be in relationship differently. And to know wisdom with humility and gratitude."

Experience Facilitator, Organisational Development Practitioner, Multinational