Offering meditation to clients is a vital part of the client workshops as a way to connect to their True Self, their Essence, and to deepen transformation. 

Many facilitators have their own meditation practices or wish to learn how to facilitate a simple meditation practice with the focus on the breath. 
The purpose of this series of webinars on meditation is to explore different pathways into deeper meditation – both as a facilitator leading others and for Self. In each webinar, we will experience both meditation and offer methods for working on the breath, our voice, our body, and how to tailor a meditation for different client needs. 

Session 1: Awareness of the Breath

Foundation Knowledge - Body & Breath

2 September, 2019 | 2pm AWST 8am CET, 7am (GMT+1) | 90 mins


  • Giving instruction using the voice 
  • Grounding 
  • Allowing vs releasing vs conscious breathing 
  • Circular breathing


  • Qualities of breathing
  • Noticing the breath
  • Noticing the energy in the room 


  • Posture
  • Instructions that support being seated
  • Spine

Session 2: Body Scanning

Foundation Knowledge - Body Scanning

30 September, 2019 | 2pm AWST 8am CET, 7am (GMT+1) | 90 mins


  • Body skeleton, muscles and large organs
  • Fine instructions
  • Giving instructions and depth of information
  • Body Temperature


  • Focusing on the breath to relax the individual's system
  • Sending breath to different parts of the body


  • Overall skeleton, organs and key muscle groups (yin/yang)

Session 3: Visualisation

Foundation Knowledge - Visualisation

28 October, 2019 | 3pm AWST, 8am CET, 7am (GMT) | 90 mins


  • How to create visualisations and to channel for any situation
  • Holding intention
  • Channeling instructions from Source 
  • Grounding
  • Using language/accessing the music of language


  • Using the voice, timing, pace, timbre, pausing, pacing, rhythm


  • Chakras

Optional Supervision & Coaching

Participants may choose to include 1 hour supervision and coaching by Rebecca to listen, give feedback and/or co-create a meditation with you. 


For participants within Australia

AUD $245 + GST

Optional Supervision/ Coaching: $410 + GST

For participants not in Australia


Optional Supervision/ Coaching:  €250

Please fill out the registration details below and we will send you the calendar invites & invoice.