We have developed our globally renowned Leadership Development program over 17 years to help leaders re-frame their biggest challenges and use them as leadership growth opportunities.

In today’s fast changing world, leaders are challenged with how to engage their people, resolve competing stakeholder needs AND find work/life balance. This defines what an adaptive leader needs to be. In this program, we focus on unlocking your business challenges in a way that enables you to grow and thrive at work and in your personal life, making a bigger difference in their world.

Leading with courageous authenticity.




What we've found is that when leaders connect with their Values and Purpose, they are inspired to step outside their comfort zone into a place of courageous authenticity, reaching a new level of fulfilment at work, at home and most importantly, with themselves.

This program provides an opportunity for busy leaders to get off the “dance-floor” of their work, and get onto the “balcony” to explore who they wish to become as a leader. 

This program evolved from working with one of the leading global management consultancies, where we facilitated transformational leadership programs for multinationals across industry sectors around the world for over 15 years. 

We have evolved this transformational program to integrate the latest leadership research with a focus on values and expanding consciousness in a way that transforms your leadership. What we have found is that when leaders connect with their Values and Purpose, they are inspired to step outside their comfort zone into courageous authenticity. Limiting beliefs and mindsets are transformed and liberated so that your full potential can be explored.

“It freed me up to be creative, to see perspectives that I could not see before, and, as a consequence I was able to turn the business around.”

- David Flannagan, Former CEO of Atlas Iron

“It is liberating to believe you can live your values, and be a high performer at the highest level. This was achieved through the thoughtful, well-constructed program. I believe the combination of theory and practice, done in a respectful and caring way, enabled this outcome."

- Chief Financial Officer, Top 20 ASX

The genuine and lasting insight I gained here has already changed me as a person and I am grateful to you for opening my eyes to the beginning of a new life.

- John Thomson, Anglicare WA

This course allows you to connect on an individual level with the facilitators. This trust, safety and connection in the company of others who are so invested in your success is something I have never experienced before in a program like this. Actually, there are no programs like this, it's in a league of its own.

- John Thomson, Anglicare WA

It goes deeper than any other leadership program and the tools you are provided with can be applied to all aspects of your life. The program unlocks something every time I attend and I can feel I am going deeper and deeper and connecting with my soul .

- Kristie Matthews, Global Change and Transformation Manager, BI, Pandora

It was information that I have seen, heard, read and referenced in my own work but for the first time it came to life. Concepts and frameworks were stitched together in a structure and process that was life changing.

- Kim Dutton,

Learn what David Flanagan, Chairman of Battery Minerals (and former CEO, Atlas Iron mining company) has to say about the program

Why Participate?

The Journey enables you to:

  • Solve complex challenges from a new perspective
  • Become highly self-aware
  • Learn how to shift your reactive triggers
  • Understand what it means when you live your values fully – tapping into the wisdom that sits within our values
  • Connect and align with your  Purpose
  • Unlock your business challenges through higher levels of consciousness
  • Make a bigger difference in your work and life
  • Improve levels of trust, influence and collaboration

"I’ve been on plenty of leadership courses and whilst useful they never got to the heart of what has been holding me back. If you really want to speak your truth and understand and believe it wholeheartedly then this is the course for you.”

- Felicity Hughes | Senior Manager, Business Planning & Finance, Hess Australia

“This is not a cookie cutter “leadership program” or a program to teach newbies “how to be an MP”. This is about finding the best in yourself and using it to achieve great things for Australia”

- Member of the Legislative Council (WA). Attended as part of the Parliamentary Leadership Program

This is 'the' transformational course to attend and introduce into the workplace

- Anne Blunden, Head of Nursing, Saudi Hospital

It is truly transformational but also provides the tools for lasting change

Aimed at Leaders

The program is highly experiential, and is aimed at leaders who:

  • Are experienced leaders, as well as those who are emerging as new leaders
  • Wish to engage and inspire others
  • Feel that their current level of growth and satisfaction may have temporarily reached a plateau
  • Would like to build more trusting relationships and influence others more
  • Are seeking a greater sense of purpose and meaning in their life and work
  • This course is especially valuable for our coaching clients who wish to accelerate their personal development.

Watch one of the modules you'll learn in the course

In this "7 Levels of Consciousness Walk" (based on Barrett Values Centre 7 Levels of Consciousness Framework) Lisa Doig explains what happens when we are triggered - we "yo-yo" up and down the levels of consciousness. 

What we do when we are triggered is the difference between constructive leadership and transformational leadership. The power of using values for leadership and culture transformation is deeply transformational and is at the core of our work, and you'll experience this in the course.

The 7 Levels of Consciousness Model is correlated with the latest leadership research in agile/ adaptive leadership and Adult Stages of Development (Robert Kegan, Harvard University).

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