Building on the Transforming Self workshop, this course helps you to deepen your connection with your Purpose and lead others more powerfully . You learn practical skills in greater emotional literacy, building trust with your stakeholders, working with conflict and having courageous conversations.

Whereas the first program, Transforming Self,  facilitates the skills of how to transform your inner world, this program focuses on how you can bring your values and Purpose and live it in your outside world - through conversations, storytelling and courageous feedback. The outcome is greater confidence and authenticity of who you really are in your greatness; a byproduct of which is deeper Presence and gravitas.

Leading with Purpose




This second workshop builds on the insights and learnings from the Transforming Self workshop.

Following a Theory U transformational design, we start by deepening your awareness of your whole system and sensing where there is flow and where there are blocks. From this we choose to work on one business challenge that you find most pressing. Understanding at a deeper systemic level why this might be and what are the blocks in your perception and the bigger system. We look at your own life story and challenge your own assumptions of the story you tell yourself and others. You learn the language of emotional literacy and building greater trust in order to connect more deeply with yourself and others.  Deepening your connection with your Purpose, and taking it to the next level offers you an opportunity to own it and share it powerfully.  We then bring this "Being" work to a  "Doing" level in how to have courageous conversations, and applying the transformational skills to your challenge with practical experiments, including your "new story" that inspires you and has the capability of transforming your whole system.

Why Participate?

The Journey enables you to:

  • Take your personal transformation, and Purpose, to the next level
  • Understanding your leadership from a more systemic perspective
  • Work on a real business challenge and feel confidence in being able to transform it
  • Learn some practical  "leading others" skills that you can apply immediately
  • Deepen your Presence and how you show up as an inspiring Leader