We help leaders to become purpose-driven and values-guided so they can become better versions of themselves.

In order for transformation programs to be sustainable, the CEO and the Executive Team need to role-model any desired change in behaviour first. Therefore, an integral part of our work is coaching of the CEO, Executive Team as well as senior leadership.

Reframing your challenges as an opportunity of growth

Corporate Evolution's Executive Coaching is aimed at leaders who wish to:

  • Become more inspirational
  • Lead from their authentic selves; leading from their values and purpose
  • Move through business or personal challenges
  • Have a long-term pathway for their career and personal goals

Executive coaching is especially helpful for those who feel the skills and approach that have helped them be successful so far, may no longer be helping them get to the next level.

How can Executive Coaching help you?

The foundation of our coaching is to help clients become conscious of the "Inner Source" of their leadership - their values, needs, beliefs and their emerging Purpose. Through connecting with their deeper sense of Purpose and Vision, they become inspired by an inner strength, allowing their courageous authenticity to emerge in their Leadership.

Our Seeing the Perfection™ coaching process creates profound shift in awareness and connection to one's true potential.

 Many of our coaching clients find themselves reaching levels of satisfaction in their careers and personal lives that they never previously imagined for themselves. Transformational executive coaching helps leaders visualise and connect with their true potential.

Works at two levels


Helping leaders to "get up on the balcony" of their current challenges to find creative solutions


Looking at all areas of life, current and desired states of each and focusing attention over a period of 9-12 months on reaching their aspirations


  • Individual or group coaching
  • Typically runs for 6 sessions
  • 90 mins per session
  • Fortnightly or monthly sessions
  • Face to face or via web

Frameworks we use in Executive Coaching

We offer customised Executive Coaching, and so the frameworks we use will differ depending on the needs of the individual. Typically we use the following frameworks:

  • Leadership Circle 
  • Barrett 7 Levels of Consciousness
  • Otto Sharmer’s Theory U
  • Constellations (System Dynamics)
  • Iceberg and Seeing the Perfection coaching process

How can we help you?

Are you reaching your full potential in your career or personal life? We can help you.