Our Culture Transformation Journey encompass a phased approach that creates a values driven organisation. This links the leadership and culture with an organisation's vision and strategy.

Corporate Evolution - Organisational Culture Timeline

Measuring the Culture

Phase 1

Diagnostic phase to measure the culture.  This includes:

  • Current organisational surveys, e.g. engagement or customer surveys
  • Barrett Cultural Values Assessment (CVA) measuring the personal, current and desired values or the organisation


  • To create a baseline measurement
  • Creates the business compelling reason for change


  • Month 1 - 2

Engage the Executive Team

Phase 2

Debrief the Executive and key stakeholders on the diagnostic results and begin the Executive Team journey so that they are truly engaged and lead the change in the organisation.


  • To create engagement and buy-in by the Executive Team
  • To ensure that the team is committed to their own transformation


  • Month 2 - 9

Engaging the Whole System - Values Summit

Phase 3

In order for the culture transformation to be at a whole systems level, all parts of the business and levels within the organisation must be involved in the design and their voices heard.  We co-create the purpose and values with each part of the system represented.


  • To adapt systems & processes
  • To cascade to GM Level
  • To build internal capability "Leader as Facilitator" Program


  • Month 9+

Individual Objectives

For each member to:

  • "Step up" as a leader and lead the change
  • Role model the Team values
  • Be willing to go outside their comfort zone and challenge limiting mindsets
  • Set and achieve aspirational goals

Team Objectives

For the team to:

  • Consciously lead the culture change as a team
  • Achieve its strategic/ project goals through the strength of the culture
  • Inspire their own teams
  • Role model "One Team" alignment
  • Set and achieve aspirational goals that they didn't think they could achieve previously

Stakeholder Objectives

To demonstrate our key stakeholders that:

  • The leadership Team are confidently leading the project together as a team
  • The team is listening to their stakeholders

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