Introducing the Values Journal

By Lisa Doig  |  Dec 15, 2017

Values Journal Cover

When we leave a personal or leadership transformation workshop, we can experience a sense of fulfillment, knowing that real transformation has taken place.

But then what?

We return to our normal life and our normal work where not everyone wants to play in our new reality. We have shifted our worldview but those around us have not. Have you noticed that the universe likes to test us when we get home, asking us “were you really serious about that change?”.

It’s important to remember that it is not about others changing. It’s about our own commitment – about practicing a new way of being. Just like going to gym, we are building a new muscle, expanding our level of consciousness. We know from brain science that it takes around 28 days to “re-wire” neuropathways into a new habit.

Corporate Evolution has developed a resource that can help you with that sustaining practice.  Known as the Values Journal, it is a powerful sustaining practice to embed your transformation. The methodology used in this journal transformed my life and the lives of hundreds of our coaching clients.  In fact, one of my clients (the Head of Risk for a major bank) used this process and achieved his 3-year goals in 12 months! At the end, he said, “what do I do now?”.  I replied, “what do you think? Aim higher!”

Our unique methodology for personal transformation is through the lens of Values and Purpose.

Why values?

Because values are the pathway to our Higher Self, our Soul, our highest possibility. Our top values are always guiding us to who we really are. The question is – do we listen?

Are we connecting with the wisdom that sits within each of our values or are we distorting our values through limiting beliefs that keep us safe and small.

This practice of “Self-Transformation” is a sustaining practice and is now available through our Values Journal.

So what are the core elements of this journal?

Set an awesome intention

Connect with your heart.  Emerge your personal vision (desired legacy) which connects with your highest aspiration or Purpose. Work backwards from the end state in bite-sized pieces – 5 years, 3 years, 1 year and the next 90 days.

Daily reflection practice

“Get up on the balcony” and notice when you are still triggered and when you have courageously stepped through a fear. This is the muscle-building. Being able to detach from the day-to-day and witness your own behaviour, without judgment, is a huge step forward. It doesn’t matter if you “fail”,the key is awareness

Each night before you go to bed, include a practice of three things you are grateful for.

Focus each month on your Purpose and goals

At the beginning of each month, read your Purpose, connect with your heart; your deeper “why” of what energises you about your Purpose and vision? What have you noticed about your triggers and where you have been courageous? Celebrate your wins – this is very important!

Tap into your wisdom through your top values

Here’s the clincher! You do “Know” at your core who you really are. We provide you with an exercise to reflect on your top 3 values. How much are you living that value fully, from 0 to 10?  What is the mindset that keeps you at, for example, a “5”?  Now, we ask you to tap into your intuition, your wisdom. We ask ‘What do you know is a “10”?’ – what living that value ‘fully’ really means.  This allows your inner voice, your deeper truth, to emerge.

Then, ground this into action. What actions in the next 30 days are you willing to take in order to be ‘in integrity’ to your values?

So, I stepped off the cliff...

My own experience is that it has taken me some time to trust my own wisdom. At one point a few years ago, I thought ‘I can’t stand up in front of our clients and advise them to be courageous and authentic unless I am willing to do this myself’.  So, I “stepped off the cliff”.

I stepped through my biggest fear – sharing with those closest to me that I was going my own way in the business. I held for years that they would all be disappointed in me, leave me and abandon me (a life pattern belief). Each time I did this monthly exercise in listening to the wisdom of my values, I would take one more courageous step until there was no going back.

Yes, I was terrified. However when I had the courage to speak my truth, truly live my values and do what I felt called to be and do with my life, it was like the ground shifted below me. I connected with a force greater than my own fear and ego that had kept me ‘safe’ for so long.  

I manifested my dream of a global transformational facilitator network. This Values Journal is part of it.

Lisa Doig from Corporate Evolution with the Values Journal

Would you like to go on this values journey?

You can purchase the Values Journal here.  Alternatively, attend one of our public transformation courses – the Transforming Self Program™. These courses are held globally.