Introducing the updated Values Journal

By Jennifer Cohen  |  Dec 18, 2019

The Values Journal

The Values Journal is a self-paced coaching journal based on our Values and Purpose methodology with the goal of creating sustainable and ongoing transformation. It helps you manifest what you want to create in your life and provides a structured roadmap how to accelerate your living your Values and Purpose.

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The journal takes you through a systematic approach to understand your Values, your Purpose, with a reflection every month on where you are in alignment and what beliefs may be in the way. A simple yet profound exercise is repeated each month.

The outcome is that you set more and more courageous goals each month to live your values fully. You’ll be able to move through perceived blocks and you step into your highest Self month after month. Ultimately you will attract new opportunities that you did not think were even possible! Our coachees are achieving their three-year goals in nine months!

There is a wealth of experience behind this journal. For 17 years, we have been refining this values coaching methodology, based in ancient wisdom and incorporating the latest leadership research.

Values Journal Roadmap

The Journal is set into three parts:

  • Introduction - understanding key theories behind the process
  • Four Coaching Sessions – setting up a foundation for coaching based on Values and Purpose.
  • Six Months of Reflections – weekly reflection space to celebrate your wins and to continue awareness around your triggers and monthly intention setting and a values exercise to “let go and let come”.

The Values Journal is a fantastic tool for coaches and coachees, leaders, or anyone who wants to learn how to live their Values and manifest their Purpose.

The Values Journal is available to order for AUD$50 or €30. Shipping costs are approximately $10 AU for those in Australia, and £15 internationally. Please fill out the order form below and we will send you a payment link including postage.

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