How to access higher levels of consciousness for a Creative Mind

By Lisa Doig  |  May 27, 2018

What really is the “Creative Mind”? 

Helping Leaders solve complex challenges from a higher level of awareness

In the latest leadership research about what makes extraordinary leaders in today’s  complex world is the ability to minimise our Reactive Mind (where we are emotionally triggered and react) and lead from the Creative Mind (where we can be creative, innovative and see the whole system).   In adult stages of development research, Robert Kegan from Harvard University and Bob Anderson at Leadership Circle show that an organisational system cannot transform to a higher stage of development than the consciousness of its leadership.

 In the Creative Mind, as Bob Anderson writes in “The Spirit of Leadership”,

the leader transforms into a higher version of him/her self.  He/she can handle much more complexity with far greater ease and grace. Unsolvable dilemmas at previous stages evaporate in the new reality. The person experiences a new burst of creativity, efficacy, freedom, power, and joy.” 

How to access higher levels of consciousness for a Creative Mind

What is the Creative Mind?

Depending upon which level of consciousness we areoperating from, the Creative Mind can mean different things.  It could mean the ability to move past our emotional triggers from the amygdala and be able to access the neocortex, our executive centre, for creative problem solving.

 Or, if we consider the Creative Mind from higher levels of consciousness, we can be inspired by this quote:

 “Detachment:  In detachment lies the wisdom of uncertainty.  In the wisdom of uncertainty lies the freedom from our past, from the known, which is the prison of past conditioning…and in our willingness to step into the unknown, the field of all possibilities, we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the Universe”


 Isn’t this a wonderful quote?  This infers that there is a creative mind and a Creative Mind; the latter, connecting to something greater - our Highest Self, Soul, Source, or whatever resonates for you.

Becoming a vehicle of Consciousness to deepen transformation

For those of us who are involved in leadership or culture transformation, what would become possible if we were able to help leaders facilitate from this Creative Mind? The opportunity is to expand our own level of  Consciousness to then be able to deepen the level of transformation when working with an individual, team or organisation.

Having lived my life up to my 40’s in the Reactive Mind– being “successful” but exhausted, having “everything” but never feeling enough, I can tell you that this is possible. In the last 15 years, becoming a Facilitator of Transformation, and now teaching this capability to other facilitators and coaches who want to deepen their transformational capability is true fulfillment – well…it is the Creative Mind.

 How can we access this higher level Creative Mind as a coach or facilitator? 

  1. We can ask for and (truly) receive feedback on how we are showing up
  2. We can become more self aware of our “real” values; and the beliefs and perceived unmet needs that underlie them
  3. We can experience the “perfection” of all (yes all!) our life experiences through a deep coaching process resulting in acceptance and profound gratitude (which is different than forgiveness)
  4. We can see the synchronicity of every challenge in our life as serving us to live our life Purpose
  5. We can actively connect with our Purpose and a Higher Intention (Spiritual Intention - SQ) as a way of Being
  6. We can Trust and let go of any old thought patterns (I know easier said than done, but it works!)
  7. We can meditate.

 These are the key capabilities we facilitate in the “Facilitating Transformation through Values” program.  If you are interested, go to:  Programs are run quarterly around the world, you can visit our course dates here.