Learn About Your Own Personal Values

By Jennifer Cohen  |  Jul 1, 2019

Our Values act like our inner compass - telling us something important, guiding us in the direction we most desire. 

When working with values, we refer to Barrett Seven Levels of Consciousness Model, by Richard Barrett. the model is based of Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs and demonstrates how every value sits at a level of consciousness from 1 (Survival) to 7 (Service).

To learn about your own values, follow the below link to take the Personal Values Assessment (PVA) survey. The survey will assist you with a list of values to choose from, and then plot them against the model.

Take Your PVA survey here

To understand how to work with your values, please join us on our Inspired Leader Journey or get in contact with us.

List Of Personal Values Barrett 7 Levels Of Consciousness