Mining Company: Team Transformation Journey

By Malcolm Doig  |  May 1, 2018

This mid-size mining company wanted to improve the level of teamwork and accountability with the Executive Team and their middle management.


Through working with the executive team (360 feedback, alignment workshops and coaching) the team transformed its performance.

Survey 8 months later: Can you give any tangible examples of the positive effects of this program?

“Much faster and better decisions being made in the EXCO – because we are all willing to speak up”

“We actively started getting involved in each other’s business, e.g. we intervened in what was going on in Operations”

“EXCO members initiated supportive discussions with each other on each other’s business performance”

“It has changed the mood from “silo-mentality” to thinking in a broader, cross-departmental way for the whole company and especially within the EXCO”

There is a lot more communication and trust.”

“Bringing everyone together for the Top 30 Summit – it improved everyone’s understanding of how we can interact together.”

“It has helped people deal with change”