Synergy: The Inspired Leader Journey and Facilitator Training

By Lisa Doig  |  Apr 26, 2018


Australia state owned utility was undergoing a business transformation to restructure the business and prevent significant cost leakage. The target was to get in excess of $300mn in recurring cost out of the business. This was supported by an intervention to identify the mindsets that were holding the organisation back and getting in the way of success.

A diagnostic survey was done to measure the ‘organisational health’. Two significant leadership practices were identified for focus: Inspiring Leadership and Challenging Leadership to support the organisation through the change journey. These practices had a third quartile score when compared to more than 1000 other organisations.

The organisation committed to a one quartile improvement in the Leadership practices


  • Top 90 leaders underwent their personal transformation journey through the Inspired Leaders program
  • This was supported by a two day follow up workshop on Inspiring Others with skills such as ‘Empathy”, Trust, Courageous Conversations, Meaningful Communications.
  • Internal change managers were trained as Facilitators as part of the FTV program
  • The organisation set up mini boards to create a space for small ‘peer coaching’ groups to allow leaders to explore their business challenges from the “transformational lens of their values and purpose’


  • The organisation had a one quartile improvement in the two leadership practices in six months.
  • 12 months later the organisation had demonstrated a one quartile movement in Shared Vision.
  • The organisation significantly improved on accountability and health dimensions which were largely influenced by the shift in mindsets and leadership practices.
  • Leaders committed to a personal KPI to improve the health practices