Our Purpose is to inspire and challenge leaders to expand their consciousness, in order to create a more conscious and sustainable world for future generations.



We listen for wisdom from everyone

We invest time in reflection to sense what wishes to emerge

We strive for highest standards to maintain the integrity of the Work.


We clarify expectations with each other to set each other up for success.

We co-create solutions with our clients and with each other to achieve win-win outcomes.

We embrace conflicts to build trust and find a greater possibility together.


We acknowledge each other’s strengths and gifts

We let go of judgement and first listen to understand others’ perspectives, before seeking to be understood

We are compassionate with each other’s triggers and offer support to see the “set-up” in the “upset”


We live the Work and are courageous in our choices to be in integrity with it.

We go outside our comfort zone to challenge ourselves and our clients to learn and grow from every interaction.

We address tensions quickly and by respectfully inviting each other to share our triggers, feelings and needs


Excellence in delivery to our clients.

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We are a network of passionate facilitators who have a collective purpose of creating a better word by expanding the consciousness of leaders.

To increase the reach of the work , we have been training and developing facilitators globally in our unique Values and Purpose methodology since 2015. Since then, we have trained over 250+ facilitators globally.

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Our Story and Origins

Since 2000 we have been learning, growing and transforming. We have integrated many methodologies, wisdom and shared with clients along the way. Here is our story.

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