Our Purpose is to help leaders transform the world. Through collaborations with like-minded organisations, we create a greater impact together. Some of these organisations are included below.


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Next25, formally known as Australian Futures Project, is a non-profit, non-partisan think-and-do tank dedicated to understanding and improving how Australia makes its future, with the aim of maximising and sharing success across current and future generations.

We have supported Next25 since 2016 and are proud to be the supporter and delivery partner of their Leadership Program, a unique course for Australian state and federal parliamentarians to reconnect with their values and motivation for entering politics to ensure they are reflected in parliament.

Become part of the Next25's community by signing up for their newsletter. If you would like to join us in supporting their work, please contact Founder and Executive Director, Ralph Ashton at ralph@next25.org.au or +61 417 275 471.


Next25 Leadership Program in Sydney in November 2019. 

Facilitated by Ralph Ashton of Next25, with Malcolm Doig of Corporate Evolution.


Barrett Values Centre

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Barrett Values Centre (BVC) has over 20 years experience in providing values-based diagnostic solutions to build and sustain a high performing, values-driven culture. The Barrett Seven Levels of Consciousness model is one of the core frameworks of Corporate Evolution's work providing a roadmap from ego to one's highest potential.

We have been a Global Trainer Partner of Barrett Values Centre for over 15 years . Since 2015, BVC has formally endorsed our leadership development programs of Transforming Self, Facilitating Transformation through Values for their over 6000 certified practitioners.  


Western Australia Aboriginal Leadership Institute

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The Western Australian Aboriginal Leadership Institute (WAALI) is an independent, for-purpose organisation, with the aim of inspiring and supporting Aboriginal people to take up leadership opportunities to strengthen their families and communities.

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