To help leaders transform society.

We are a Source of Wisdom that ignites transformation. 

We help leaders to transform their relationships with themselves and those around them by trusting their inner wisdom.


We have created a ripple effect that is transforming families, organisations and communities around the world, enabling humanity and nature to thrive together.

Facilitator & Coaching Accreditation

We have developed globally renowned facilitator & coaching development programs based on values and consciousness.

We have written and designed all our accreditations based on the latest research and thinking. Developed over a five-year period in collaboration with one of the world's largest management consultancies and their global clients.

Culture & Leadership Consulting

Our aim is to assist leaders to become truly authentic and courageous in their leadership, leading from their unique sense of purpose.

All our work is based on the latest leadership research, values based methodology, accompanied with 30 years of industry experience.

Our facilitators are recognised internationally as pioneers in the field of values and leadership development.

The Power of Values-Led, Purpose Driven Leadership

Our Values & Behaviours


  • We listen for wisdom from everyone
  • We invest time in reflection to sense what wishes to emerge
  • We strive for highest standards to maintain the integrity of the Work.


  • We acknowledge each others’ strengths and gifts
  • We let go of judgement and first listen to understand others’ perspectives
  • We are compassionate with each others’ triggers and offer support to see the “setup” in the “upset”


  • We clarify expectations to set each other up for success
  • We co-create with our clients and with each other to achieve win-win outcomes
  • We embrace conflicts to build trust and find a greater possibility together


  • We go outside our comfort zone to challenge ourselves to learn and grow
  • We address tensions quickly and by respectfully inviting each other to share our triggers, feelings and needs
  • We live the Work and are courageous in our choices to be in integrity with it