Values as the pathway to your Purpose
Extraordinary results have been created by our clients using purpose and values as the personal/leadership transformation methodology.  It helps them not only navigate daily challenges but, more importantly, to see these challenges as the key to their larger vision in the world. 

The Values Journal is a monthly reflection that allows you to “see the perfection” - synchronicity-  of daily upsets and how, through the lens of our values these challenges are calling you to step up and step into your Purpose.
How do I use it?
Connect with your Purpose
First, reflect on your Purpose and Personal Vision.
If you do not already have your Purpose defined, we share an exercise where you can develop this.
Working backwards, you set:
• 3 year goals
• 1 year goals, and
 • 90 day goals.
Identify with your Top 3 Values
Taking an online values survey from Barrett Values Centre, you identify your top 10 values.
From these, you then choose your top 3 values and see how your beliefs around these values: • help you achieve your goals, and • how unconscious beliefs block you from reaching your goals.
Monthly Review & Reflection
Linking challenges with values and purpose.
Each month you set a powerful intention in alignment with your Purpose.
You complete the "Living your Values" worksheet. You will gain insights around your limiting beliefs which may be getting in the way of you stepping into your inner power.
Throughout the month you journal where you are courageously living your values and when you are triggered.
Each month you intentionally move through your fears, live your values in their fullness and see your Purpose start to manifest.
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When you buy your copy of the Values Journal, you can register on the Values Journal Community website.  Here you will find videos to demonstrate each of the exercises in the journal.
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