The Inspired Leader Journey™ is a series of three programs to transform one's leadership through the lens of Values and Purpose.

Part 1:
2 days

Part 2:
2 days

Part 3:
​5 days

(in-house only)
It is based on the latest leadership research; an integration of Heifetz's Adaptive Leadership, Barrett 7 Levels of Consciousness, Kegan's Adult Stages of Development, The Leadership Circle and Presencing Institute's Theory U design.  

Inspired leaders are Purpose-led and values-driven, making extraordinary impact in their work, their families, their communities and in society.​

Corporate Evolution is a Leader in the area of values-based leadership integrated with organisational transformation.
Aimed at Leaders Who....

• Are experienced leaders, as well as those who are emerging new leadership roles wish to engage and inspire others 

• Feel that their current level of growth and satisfaction may have temporarily reached a plateau 

• Would like to build more trusting relationships and influence others more 

• Are seeking a greater sense of purpose and meaning in their life and work 

 This course is especially valuable for our coaching clients who wish to accelerate their personal development. 

“…your limitations are only constrained by yourself…”

Learn what David Flanagan, CEO (ex), Atlas Iron mining company has to say about The Inspired Leader Journey”.

•  Where I am, where do I wish to be? What are my current challenges?
•  Transformation and levels of consciousness
•  My values, beliefs & needs
•  The Power of Values
•   Moving from the "Reactive Mind"
• To the "Creative Mind"
• The Inspired Leader Coaching Tool
• Meditation
• Purpose
• Purpose to Action
• Commitments
• Greater fulfilment: deeper self-awareness and greater insight into what drives and motives you (as a person, leader or parent).

• Skills in transforming reactive patterns into creative outcomes.

• Connection with your personal values and how to live them more fully and courageously. 

• Linking your business challenges with your values and purpose and seeing your life from a higher balcony.

• A greater sense of purpose, reconnecting with what is important to you. You will use this wisdom to set goals for your future, helping you to re-focus and align to your deeper Purpose in life.

Our Facilitators

Director, Corporate Evolution & Developer of
The Inspired Leader Journey™ 
See Malcolm's profile here.
Director, Corporate Evolution & Developer of The Inspired Leader Journey™
See Lisa's profile here.

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes"
-Marcel Proust
Course Dates
(Part 1: Leading Self)
Dates TBA - October/ November
  • Time: 8:30 - 5:30 pm
  • Cost: AU$1200pp (ex GST) . This includes program attendance, a program workbook, venue and catering for the two day program.
At Request
  • Timing upon request
  • Corporate Evolution also offers in-house programs to clients.
    Cost upon request.
    Traditionally a two day course. To cater for +/- 20 people.
The Inspired Leader Journey:
(Part 2: Leading Others)
2017 TBA
  • Time: 8:30 - 5:30 pm
  • Cost: TBA.
    This includes program attendance, a program workbook, venue and catering for the two day program.
2017 TBA
  • Time: 8:30 - 5:30 pm
  • Cost: TBA
    This includes program attendance, a program workbook, venue and catering for the two day program.
"I was skeptical about the ability to transform a leader in two days. I'm not anymore. I'm convinced it is possible. I loved it. I'm a better leader now and I have the tools to deliver my purpose"
 David Flanagan, CEO (ex) Atlas Mining, 2014 West Australian of the Year
I’ve been on plenty of leadership courses and whilst useful they never got to the heart of what has been holding me back. if you really want to speak your truth and understand and believe it wholeheartedly then this is the course for you.”
 Felicity Hughes, Senior Manager, Business Planning & Finance, Hess Australia
“Excellent breakthrough program on our own personal and business issues; opening doors for real personal growth.”
 Denise McComish, Partner & Board Member, KPMG  
“Fantastic insight into my own values and behaviours that will make me more effective as a leader and a parent… in actual fact as a human being! A must do!”
Gary Thorniley, Director, Morgans Financial Limited”

Our Purpose is to help leaders transform their world. 
  Raising consciousness on the planet through helping business, communities and future generations live and evolve their highest values