Our experienced facilitators are unique in the market with high level training in transforming mindsets and behaviours, combined with significant business track records in the USA, Europe and Australia.

Global Network of Associates

Accredited facilitators are based in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, London, Singapore, Johannesburg, and in the USA and Canada.

These facilitators bring expertise ranging from strategy, organisational development, clinical psychology, management consultancy, and a range of business experience from private and public sectors.

Our facilitator community’s purpose is to share best practice, co-create new models, strategies and tools and to inspire personal and professional growth.

  • Lisa Doig - Director
  • Malcolm Doig - Director
  • Jenny Burn
  • Felicity Waterford
  • Rebecca de Regt
  • Renu Burr
  • Helen-Jane Nelson
  • Marty Pollock
  • Andrea Winter
  • Judy Malan
  • Judy Wilkins-Smith
  • Julie Arsenault
  • Welmoed Kronemeijer