Corporate Evolution has developed a globally renowned facilitator development program based on values.

The Facilitating Transformation through Values™ (FTV) program is a 15 day Forum-Field-Forum facilitator development program delivered over several months. By the end of the 3 Forums, participants will be able to deliver several 2-3 day top team/senior  leadership transformation programs from “The Inspired Leader: Leading from Values and Purpose” Series.  The aim is to assist leaders to become truly authentic and courageous in their leadership, leading from their unique sense of purpose.

The audience for this program are Leadership/Culture Change Agents, HR/OD Practitioners, Leaders, Consultants and Coaches.

The key aspect of this program is learning to become a “transformational facilitator”. We focus on two areas; how to access one’s “Being” to facilitate transformation and how to integrate the lens of values as an evolution of consciousness. It is based on the Barrett 7 Levels of Consciousness and Adult Stages of Development frameworks and focuses on values as the key to transformation of leaders. Theory U is integrated as a transformational design methodology.

This program has been developed over a seven year period in collaboration with one of the largest management consultancies and their global clients. It is formally endorsed by The Barrett Values Centre as recommended to its values practitioners around the world.


Participant Feedback – Forum 1

Participant Feedback – Forum 2


By the end of the program, participants will be able to deliver a 2-day leadership transformation program “The Inspired Leader: Leading with Values and Purpose” for senior teams. The key aspect of this program is learning to become a “transformational facilitator”.

Key developmental areas are in:

  • Self awareness / Awareness of Others / Awareness beyond Self
  • Openness and vulnerability
  • Connectedness and Compassion
  • Centredness
  • Meaning making
  • Courageous Authenticity
  • Presence and Energy
  • Intention, Attention, Emergence


Our purpose for this program is to:

  • Make available to the world a way to work with values that is deeply transformational – personally, professionally and organisationally
  • To empower facilitators and coaches with several methodologies:  Theory U, Seven Levels of Consciousness and Transformational Coaching, where they can use the values diagnostic tools powerfully with clients
  • To create more sustainable and transformational impact of values in organisations


The distinguishing factor of this transformational facilitator development program, as compared to a Trainer or Facilitator is described in table 1.

Although the content of the program comprises the latest leadership development thinking, the focus of the development program is to unleash the participants’ unique gifts and strengths to be of service as an agent of transformation.



In March 2015, the Barrett Values Centre (BVC), globally recognised for its leadership in the area of values diagnostic and consciousness model, formally endorsed Corporate Evolution’s Facilitating Transformation through Values  (FTV) program.

BVC provides powerful metrics that enable leaders to measure and manage the cultures of their organizations, and the leadership development needs of their managers and leaders. The core products of the organisation are the Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT).

The Cultural Transformation Tools have been used to map the values of over 6,000 organisations and 3,000 leaders in 90 countries.  There are over 5000 accredited CTT practitioners of the tools.

The purpose of their endorsing this program is to enable its network to not only be confident and competent in the BVC tools – but also to increase their consciousness and congruence as a “Facilitator of Transformation” – thereby accelerating the level and impact of transformation and conscious evolution in the world.

We are pleased to partner with BVC towards our shared purpose to be a global resource for the evolution of consciousness.


“Our ‘doing’ and results as coaches and consultants comes from our ‘being’.  This is a masterclass on ‘being’.  There are also some amazingly powerful tools and processes included that create transformation.”

  … Phil Clothier, CEO – Barrett Values Centre

If you believe that our consciousness is key to personal and organisational transformation, then this course will provide you a deep, fundamental and yet very practical understanding  of how you can work with human transformation on a personal (and collective) level. This is a course that has to be experienced in order for you to full realize its intangible effects and power. The trainers are very experienced and skilled in this work, and are openly and willingly sharing all they have to make you understand and take on the language of transformation and its approaches and tools.”

… Tor Eneroth, Network Director – Barrett Values Centre

A great exposition and experience of how to facilitate from the SQ space, while being grounded in the business intentions. The two day Leading from Values and Purpose workshop is a fast-track journey for personal transformation with clearly made connections to organisational transformation. The Facilitating through Values program for facilitators is built on strong design principles both in terms of its content and its focus on the SQ intention. This enables participants to be guided and at the same time to be free and enspirited instruments for transformation using the frameworks provided.

… Renu Burr, CTT Consultant – Australia

This programme presented me a deep dive into transformational work, both for myself as well as in my capacity as a facilitator. I am very grateful for the ‘felt experience’ of the modules and the insight how values are linked to (un)met needs and chakra levels. I have reached a deeper level of consciousness and understanding and am grateful for the impact it already have on my clients when facilitating: reaching out to them on a deeper level and creating space for insights and transformation.

… Reinier Tilanus, Aberkyn Facilitator – Amsterdam