We offer the following Courses:

  • Barrett Corporate Transformation Tools:  Part 1
  • Barrett Corporate Transformation Tools:  Part 2

Barrett Model


Corporate Evolution is the only WA Trainer of the Corporate Transformation Tools diagnostic developed by Barrett Values Centre in the UK/USA.

Corporate Evolution has been training new practitioners in the tool since 2004.


  • Corporate Transformation Tools (CTT):  Part 1
  • Corporate Transformation Tools (CTT):  Part 2
  • Corporate Transformation Tools (CTT): Part 1 & 2 Combined

Major companies globally are now using this assessment tool. Organisations such as: Microsoft; Price Waterhouse; Ford, Ericsson; Siemens; World Bank, Volvo and others.

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Individual Values Assessment

The Individual Assessment instrument is frequently used by coaches to measure the degree of alignment between a individual’s Personal and Desired Culture Values, and the individual’s perception of the Current Culture Values. The results are plotted against the framework of the Seven Levels of Personal and Organizational Consciousness.

Team Culture Assessment

The Team Culture Assessment is used to measure the consciousness and map the values of teams, and small companies. The degree of alignment between current and desired values, and between current and espoused values can be measured. The results are plotted against the framework of the Seven Levels of Personal and Organizational Consciousness. Individual plots of results can be provided.

Corporate Culture Assessment

The Corporate Culture Assessment is used whenever there is a need to measure the consciousness and map the values of different staff levels, departments, locations, regions or determine demographic differences. The Corporate Culture Assessment can be used in small, medium and large organizations. The results are plotted against the framework of the Seven Levels of Personal and Organizational Consciousness.

Leadership Values Assessment

The Leadership Values Assessment is a 360-degree feedback instrument that compares a manager’s perception of his or her operating values against the perception of his or her superior, peers and subordinates. The results are plotted using the framework of the Seven Levels of Leadership Consciousness. This assessment is usually followed up by a two-hour feedback session and the development of a personal action plan.


Comments from recent participants:

“The highlight of the program was the wisdom of the Trainer and the others in the room” (Psychologist)

“Bloody great!” (Leadership consultant, major management consulting co)

“Really appreciated being here – felt priviledge and full possibility” (CEO)

“Most valuable was the group discussion and facilitator knowledge. Fantastic.” (Consultant, KPMG)

“Highlight was the opportunity to share experiences with others – great group of people.  Thanks for a stimulating, informative 2 days” (Leadership consultant)

“Impacted me personally and powerful tools to assist others” (Change agent)

“Excellent program to deepen our own consciousness and then to work with both individuals and organisations” (Head of Leadership Development)


The Corporate Transformation Tools (CTT) Part 1: Models and Tools is a two day workshop for consultants, change agents and human resource managers on how to use the cultural transformation tools. Participants are involved in lecture, discussion and group activities. This is an accreditation course to become a certified user of the cultural transformation tools.

By the end of this course you will have a deep appreciation of the Barrett Seven Levels of Consciousness Model, its heritage and philosophy. You will understand the process for setting up and running a survey with your clients and you will also be proficient in reading and interpreting the values assessment charts. It is important that we cover these critical elements first in order to give you a foundation for using CTT.

Corp Evolution 135


You will learn:

  • The Seven Levels Of Corporate Consciousness
  • The Seven Levels Of Leadership Consciousness
  • The Six-part Business Needs Scorecard Diagnostic
  • How To Use The Cultural Transformation Tools
  • Individual Values Assessments (IVA)
  • Team Values Assessments (TVA)
  • Cultural Culture Assessments (CVA)
  • Merger Compatibility Assessments
  • Leadership Values Assessment (LVA)
  • How To Interpret And Present The Results Of The Values Assessments
  • How To Market The Cultural Transformation Tools® To Your External Or Internal Clients

How you will benefit:

  • The right to use the cultural transformation tools (CTT accreditation)
  • Detailed understanding of how to use the cultural transformation tools
  • State-of-the art techniques to apply in your own practice
  • Affiliation with Barrett Values Centre llc
  • Opportunity to join the global CTT members network

At the end of the course you will be given a free Individual Values Assessment so that you can practice using the tools in a live one-to-one client environment.


Corporate Transformation Tools (CTT) Part 2: Building a Vision-Guided Values-Driven Organisation is a three day course designed to help you deepen your understanding of the CTT Models and Tools through a focus on interpreting values assessment results and learning practical ways to work with the data to support the process of cultural transformation.

You will learn to coach others using the CTT tools at a transformational level. To be eligible for the CTT Part 2, participants must have successfully completed the CTT Part 1 accreditation and preferably have first-hand experience in using the Cultural Transformation Tools



You will learn:

  • Interpretation of results from various types of values assessments
  • Coaching exercise with your own Individual Values Assessment
  • Using the values assessment data to develop Vision/Mission Statements using the “Four Why’s” process
  • How to choose Core Values and prepare Behaviour Statements
  • Ways to work with assessment data to align Personal and Organisational Values
  • Live demonstration  of the 360 Leadership Values Assessment feedback process and coaching of your own 360 Leadership Development Report

How you will benefit:

  • Access to additional Cultural Transformation Tools® discounted product options
  • Deepen your understanding of how to build a vision-guided, values-based organisational culture through the support of the values assessment process
  • New techniques to apply in your own coaching or consulting practice or your organisation
  • Deepening of your own transformation and ability to coach in a transformational way using the CTT tools

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