The Facilitating Transformation through Values™ is a facilitator accreditation program which enables participants to facilitate "The Inspired Leader Journey™"  - a deeply transformational program for senior leaders.

Leading Self

 (learn the modules and wisdom)

Leading Self 


Become transformational as a facilitator at a "Being" level

Integrate values and levels of consciousness as a transformational methodology

Deliver a top team transformational program with a lineage of deep impact for organisations globally

Coach leaders at a profound life changing level

Who is this for?
Leadership Consultants
Culture change agents
Leaders wishing to facilitate their teams
HR/OD practitioners

Forum-Field-Forum Approach

This 15-day program is divided into 3 Forums over 6-9 months. The curriculum consists of 13 modules, and follows a Theory U transformational design process.
The Content is an integration of many sources of wisdom including Barrett 7 Levels of Consciousness, Adult Stages of Development, Theory U & ancient wisdom.

Leading Self


Forum 1: experience the 2-day Leadership Transformation Program that you are being trained to facilitate, so that you have an authentic and transformative experience yourself. This is followed by 3 days of deconstructing each of the modules, learning both the content but more importantly the SQ wisdom that sits behind each module. We alternate between learning the content and experiencing deep personal development sessions on "Being" development such as Intention, Attention, Presence, and working with Energy.

Between Forum 1 and Forum 2 is field work including 1:1 and group coaching.
Leading Self 


Forum 2: we create a learning environment for accreditation of the personal transformation modules learned in Forum 1. We work in small group cohorts. Each participant facilitates the modules, gives and receives supportive feedback. What this requires, and a key part of this program, is assisting participants to expand their own consciousness, to step fully into living their top values and Purpose. 

Forum 3: In this forum we take the group through a real U process of solving an adaptive challenge.  We are "in it" and also learning how to facilitate the "Leading the System" modules.  We focus on two capabilities:
• how to hold the space for "emergence" through the U Process
​• how to facilitate conflict
​• how to deliver new emergent ideas that are grounded and actionable

The key to all of these capabilities is being to hold the "essence" of transformation which is what we learned in Forum 1-2.

We focus on:
​• listening and sensing the whole system
​• using "constellations" to sense and resolve tensions and find flow at a systemic level
• ​creating a shared purpose and vision
• emerging breakthrough thinking, prototypes
​• have tangible priorities and outcomes for the team/organisation.

Further details on FTV3.
About the FTV
The program has been developed over a five-year period in collaboration with one of the largest management consultancies and their global clients. It is formally endorsed by the Barret Values Centre as recommended to its 5000 values practitioners around the world.
Facilitator Development Framework
The FTV develops facilitators in these areas:


Access to Higher Self
Courageous Authenticity
Letting go 
Seeing the Perfection

(in addition to
basic facilitation skills)
Working with Energy
Creating Meaning
Transformational Stories
Compassionate Challenge

Practical application in the business
Latest leadership research
Whole systems change
Leading Self
(Forum 1 & 2)
Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Leading Self:
    Week 1: 12 March - 16 March 2018
    Week 2:  7-11 May 2017-8

    Leading the System
    3-7 September 2018
Leading Self
(Forum 1 & 2)
Perth, Australia 
  • Leading Self
    Week 1: 9 - 13 April 2018
    Week 2: 28 May - 1 June 2018

    Leading the System
    3-7 September 2018 (either Europe or Perth)

Leading the System
(Forum 3)
  • Click here to learn about our option 3rd Week, "Leading the System" and to sign up.

    Current Dates are:
    30 April - 4 May 2018
    3 - 7 September 2018
Leading Self
(Forum 1 & 2)
  • Week 1: 10 - 15 September, 2018
    Week 2: 29 October - 2 November, 2018
Our Why

Our purpose in developing the FTV is to:

Make available to the world a way to work with values that is deeply transformational and sustainable.

To empower facilitators and coaches with a methodology where they can use values more powerfully with clients.
To create a global community of transformational facilitators of the highest standard.

Create a "Collaboration Movement" where we can work together with consciousness-raising organisations, such as Barrett Values Centre, to enable greater impact in business and society.
"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience,
We are spiritual beings having a human experience."

Pierre Telhard de Chardin

Selection Criteria
[Pre-requisite: Barrett Corporate Transformational Tools. Accreditation: Foundations]
Upon registration,  candidates are interviewed to ensure a fit and that we set candidates up for success.  Key attributes required:
Typically 10+ Years business experience.
Strong credibility and ability to influence senior executives.
Strength in emotional intelligence.
Feel "called" to do this work.
Strength in basic facilitation
For in-house programs, is sponsored by a Senior Executive
"You have to experience this course; it is a journey – just reading about this is not enough. You will experience yourself in such a deep way where you understand who you are and who you could become. It frees your heart. I wish everybody who is a CTT consultant could go to this course. This is what they need".
 Tor Eneroth, Network Director, Barrett Values Centre 
" The facilitators' quality and role modeling. Simply exceptional!"
Shalini Matai, Indonesia
​"A great exposition and experience of how to facilitate from the SQ space, while being grounded in the business intentions. The two-day Leading from Values and Purpose workshop is a fast-track journey for personal transformation with clearly made connections to organisational transformation. The Facilitating through Values program for facilitators is built on strong design principles both in terms of its content and its focus on the SQ intention. This enables participants to be guided and at the same time to be free and enspirited instruments for transformation using the frameworks provided".   
Renu Burr, Australia  
This program has transformed me by letting go of my fears, limiting beliefs, attachments and expectations. I now see the world around me and a whole range of new opportunities. I am empowered and free to make choices. I've let go, so I can let come." 
Christine Kennedy, Australia
"It was full of content and experiential anchors, a powerful way to learn modules and understand the underlying "behind-the scenes" intention and energy that sits at the base of the program. Immersing myself in the most part as a participant, helped embed meaning to each of the modules later on as a facilitator. It was unique in that they shared everything with us, not holding anything back with the true intention for us to be masterful in delivering the program in its totality, energy and essence". 
Malti Bhojwani, Singapore
"Overall I had a deeply transformational experience both on a personal and organisational level. It facilitated my wish for the week more than 100%. It strengthened my trust and faith in my Being part, integrated a lot, so that I am being prepared to fully live my soul's purpose. The week was a life changing experience for me". 

Vivienne Reesink, KLM Airlines, Netherlands  

"I loved the core concepts behind this program and the way they were shared. I thought the material was strong and very well put together. The material and exercises prompted a series of profound insights about my own behavior and how this behaviour is connected to values. I appreciated how the facilitation team worked so well together to respond to evolving needs and the flow of the program. The generosity and openness of fellow participants was amazing and created an atmosphere of individual and collective expansion, growth and transformation and growth atmosphere. Post program, I found it very easy to begin using these models and integrating them into other work I'm doing. This is a credit to both the way the material was presented, and the opportunities to practice them with a very capable group." 

Jack Pinter, UK  

"The quality of facilitation and training of facilitators was excellent. Especially the safety, compassion, spiritual intentionality and energy. The quality of the content and materials is also first class. The journey we took as a team and the connections with each other and the work was profound and wonderful collective wisdom was able to emerge."  

Kris Morton, Dubai 

​"This program presented me a deep dive into transformational work, both for myself and in my capacity as a facilitator. I am very grateful for the 'felt experience' of the modules and the insight into how values are linked to (un)met needs. I have reached a deeper level of consciousness and understanding and am grateful for the impact it is already having on my clients when facilitating: reaching out to them on a deeper level and creating space for insights and transformation." 

Reinier Tilanus, Netherlands 

Pricing & Resources
Forum 1, 2 & 3

Forum 1: €5,500  (€4,500 course fee + €1,000 license fee*)

Forum 2: €6,500 (€4,500 course fee + €2,000 license fee*)


What you recieve:
Detailed session plans
Energy Flows
Facilitator Manual
*License Fees
You receive:
• FTV Materials with all updates for 2 years.
• Unlimited copying of The Inspired Leader w
orkbook (for use once accredited),
• Updated session plans and workbook for 2 years
• Charts to use for client workshops.
About the Facilitators

Founder, Corporate Evolution & Creator of the FTV

Lisa is a pioneer in the field of values, linking personal transformation, organisational transformation and levels of consciousness. In her work, she has integrated the wisdom from leading thinkers in leadership and whole systems change along with personal transformation Masters in consciousness and spiritual intelligence. Lisa's unique gift is in creating new innovations that are both accessible to business leaders and profoundly transformational.
For the last 13 years, Lisa has been designing and implementing leadership and culture change programs globally, both as Director of Corporate Evolution and as part of McKinsey & Company's global network of transformational facilitators. Clients are primarily multinationals and top-tier companies in banking/finance, oil and gas, mining, insurance, professional services, chemicals, telecom, FMCG and others. She has worked throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and South Africa. Her niche is working with top teams, linking vision and values with strategy for whole systems change.

Some of the key modalities Lisa integrates are Barrett Corporate Transformation Tools, Organisational Constellations , Gita Bellin & Associates Soul Work, The Leadership Circle, Theory U, Appreciative Inquiry and Wilbur Integral Model.
Previous to the leadership work, Lisa spent 20 years' in the oil and gas and environmental industries developing new divisions for overseas companies, from market research through to strategy and multi-million dollars sales and operations.  

See Lisa's profile here.
Master Coach
Corporate Evolution
See Rebecca's profile here.
FTV Mentor
Corporate Evolution
See Malcolm's profile here.
Additional Courses for Facilitator and Coach Training
Coaching Accreditation

Corporate Evolution offers advanced values coaching accreditation "Seeing The Perfection Coaching" for FTV Graduates.

More Information
The Cultural Transformation Tools
By Barrett Values Centre
This workshop is for consultants, change agents and human resource managers on how to use the Barrett Values Centre Cultural Transformation Tools. Participants are involved in lectures, discussion and group activities.

This is an accreditation course to become a certified user of the cultural transformation tools. By the end of this course you will have a deep appreciation of the Barrett Values Centre Seven Levels of Consciousness Model, its heritage and philosophy.
More Information

Corporate Evolution is a leader in the area of
Values and Organisational Transformation. 

Our Purpose is to help leaders transform their world. 

Our Vision is raising consciousness on the planet through helping business, communities and future generations live and evolve their highest values.

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