Methodology & Approach

Why a values-driven approach for business?

The culture of your organisation is either your biggest asset or your biggest liability. Together with your vision, your values are the pillars of the culture of your organisation. Your values let everyone know what is important and provide guidance in making daily decisions.

Strong vibrant cultures that are vision-guided and values-driven create high levels of performance because they attract and keep talented people and they inspire employees to go the extra mile. A strong positive culture creates internal cohesion and enhances the organisation’s capacity for collective action by building trust.

Your organisation’s culture is a liability when it displays high levels of cultural entropy: when limiting behaviours such as blame, bureaucracy, internal competition and manipulation inhibit the smooth functioning of the organisation.  The benefits of measuring and managing the business through a values-driven approach is that values resonate with people at a deeper level; their basic “hygiene” needs of safety, respect and recognition are met, which ignites the energy for growth and the capacity to step into their greater Purpose.


Whole Systems Change Model

Design Methodology

The design of our programs are based on whole systems change; integration of personal and group transformation with a results focus evidenced by a sustained shift in behaviours, supported by systems and processes.

Our design integrates principles from renowned leaders in the field:

  • Ken Wilbur (Integral Model)
  • Otto Scharmer (Presencing Institute MIT, Theory U)
  • Ron Heifetz (Harvard, Adaptive Leadership)
  • Richard Barrett (7 Levels of Consciousness)
  • Gita Bellin and John Demartini (Personal Transformation)
  • John Kotter (Harvard, Leading Change)


For corporate culture assessments, we choose the appropriate diagnostic tool to identify and assess the client’s values, behaviours and current and desired culture.

One of the key tools for measuring Values is the Seven Levels of Organisational Consciousness (Barrett Values Centre, USA). To learn about this tool, you can take a free Personal Values Assessment by clicking hereCorporate Evolution is the only Trainer of CTT in Western Australia.

Other tools include the Leadership Circle Profile useful for measuring a Leader’s Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies, and tools from Human Synergistics such as the Organisational Culture Inventory and LSI Circumplex.


Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Engagment Summits

Instead of the traditional problem solving approach identifying “what is wrong” with an organisation, AI takes the approach, “what is right” with an organisation and, through dialogue and sharing of peak experiences and dreams, the participants co-create a vision and new initiatives based on the strengths, passion and collective wisdom of its people.

Benefits of AI

  • A high-participation, full-voice process targeted at organisational innovation
  • A learning process to identify and disseminate best practices
  • A way of managing and working that fosters positive communication and can result in the formation of deep and meaningful relationships
  • Can be used to radically redesign the governance structures and processes of an organisation
  • Mobilises strategic change by focusing on the core strengths of an organisation, then using those strengths to reshape the future


Because of the power of AI in engaging multiple stakeholders and creating a cultural shift for a team or organisation, an AI approach is used in most aspects of Corporate Evolution’s programs. Distinct AI Projects include:

  • Major Law Firm: Creating a Vision with 200 Partners
  • Large University: Whole systems change approach to developing Values
  • Major Asian Bank: Powerfully implementing the Vision through Transformational Leadership – 2 Summits with 150 people each
  • Retail Bank in Singapore: Achieving Best in Class Sales and Service
  • Non-Profit Mental Health Organisation: Creating new Purpose, Vision and 5- Year Strategic Plan (A 10-minute video of this Summit is available for viewing)
  • Global Pharmaceutical: New Customer-Centric Vision
  • Major Bank: Implementing the new Vision through Transformational Leadership
  • Multiple Top Team Alignment Sessions: Team Vision
  • BP Development: Visioning
  • Public Asian Bank: Co-creating a Vision for the Future
  • Private Asian Bank: Creating an Aspirational Vision of the Future
  • Australian National Values Survey: Visioning Summit