This national firm with 200 Partners desired to shift the culture from one of being demanding and accountable to a trusting, open and courageous firm able to attract and retain new talent.



Through an Appreciative Inquiry Summit and whole system values workshops, we assisted the firm to develop a new vision and values.

We worked with the Board and Executive Team towards greater alignment and facilitated personal insight workshops with the senior leaders and their teams to embed behaviour change in the business. Desired behaviours are now strongly embedded in performance management systems and processes.

“What a team! You both walked the talk. Amazing passion for the content and ability to question and stretch all in the group. Great insight and openness. Excellent linking of material to experience. Demonstrated phenomenal courage.”



This mid-size mining company wanted to improve the level of teamwork and accountability with the Executive Team and their middle management.


Through working with the executive team (360 feedback, alignment workshops and coaching) the team transformed its performance.

Survey 8 months later: Can you give any tangible examples of the positive effects of this program?

“Much faster and better decisions being made in the EXCO – because we are all willing to speak up”

“We actively started getting involved in each other’s business, e.g. we intervened in what was going on in Operations”

“EXCO members initiated supportive discussions with each other on each other’s business performance”

“It has changed the mood from “silo-mentality” to thinking in a broader, cross-departmental way for the whole company and especially within the EXCO”

There is a lot more communication and trust.”

“Bringing everyone together for the Top 30 Summit – it improved everyone’s understanding of how we can interact together.”

“It has helped people deal with change”


This iconic organisation wanted to create a performance culture; moving from one dominated by bureaucracy, short-term thinking and internal competition to one focused on operational excellence and adaptability.



We engaged the senior leaders in a culture transformation program through development of a new vision and values.

Leadership alignment programs were facilitated for all teams and coaching with the Executive to lead the change was critical.

A Strategy Summit was then facilitated to engage the whole of the organisation in the new vision.


“One of the most inspirational, but most importantly, relevant, workshops I have ever participated in.

“I just wish that I could better express how inspirational I have found the course.

“You are great role models. Thanks for your energy, sharing your great depth of experience and heart-felt connections.”


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A successful non-profit organisation desired to update its mission and vision, and to create a 2020 strategy. They invited their external supporters such as Macquarie Bank, Telstra and other leading Australian organisations as well as their Board, technology partners, employees and young people to a 3-day Summit.


A new mission, vision and strategy with engagement from all its stakeholders.

Client Feedback

“Corporate Evolution’s breadth of business and executive experience was a critical factor in producing our strategic plan. In February of 2008 Inspire Foundation undertook an Appreciative Inquiry Summit with the objective of delivering a new strategy with full engagement by all our stakeholders. I sought advice from McKinsey and Company and they recommended two things: (1) that I investigate appreciative inquiry as an approach and (2) that I get in touch with Australia’s leader in the field, Lisa Doig. Lisa’s expertise, care and passion in leading us through the appreciative inquiry approach cannot be over stated. The outcome far exceeded our expectations. Following the summit, we had immediate wins through new investment by those attending the summit. Internally, the Summit aligned Inspire in a way that can only be described as transformative. Externally, it created a community that cares deeply about Inspire’s work.”

(Kerry Graham, CEO, Inspire Foundation)


Other AI Client Feedback

“From all of us, a big thank you. You have once again delivered a great AI session. I am sure you realize this from the feedback given by the client”

(Partner, Top global management consultancy)

“Just wanted to convey a big thank you for anchoring two super days at the retail forum. Your expertise and energy was very much appreciated by the client and we believe this forum will help us in achieving our aspirations for (the bank).”

(Top management consultancy)