Leadership & Culture Consulting

Executive Coaching

In order for transformation programs to be sustainable, the CEO and the Executive Team need to role model any desired change in behaviour first.

Therefore, an integral part of our work is coaching of the CEO, Executive Team as well as senior management.

Depending upon the need, coaching can take many forms:

  • Coaching to achieve bold goals which emerge from transformation workshops
  • Coaching to help leaders re-frame their biggest business challenges as development opportunities
  • Coaching Leaders to become inspiring leaders

The foundation of our coaching is to help client’s become conscious of the “Inner Source” of their leadership – their values, needs, beliefs and their emerging leadership purpose (e.g. Coach, Integrator, Partner, Visionary). Through connecting with their deeper Purpose and Vision, they become inspired by an inner strength, allowing their courageous authenticity to emerge in their Leadership.

Corporate Evolution’s “Seeing the Perfection” coaching process creates profound shift in awareness and connection to one’s true potential.

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The foundation of any culture transformation program is first working with the CEO and the Executive Team. The Executive role-modelling the desired behaviours from a place of authenticity is a critical success factor.

A Team Alignment workshop is typically 1-2 days and covers:

  • Listening to stakeholders – identifying the desired shift
  • Team Purpose
  • Shared Vision
  • Team Priorities and Accountabilities
  • Team Behaviours


Our High Performance Team Program integrates the Top Team Alignment workshop and creates a whole team shift that is sustainable and creates a ripple effect to be cascaded in the organisation.

Download the Westpac Institutional Bank White Paper below.


Individual Objectives

For each member to:

  • “Step up” as a Leader and lead the change
  • Role model the Team values
  • Be willing to go outside their comfort zone and challenge limiting mindsets
  • Set and achieve aspirational goals

Team Objectives

For the team to:

  • Consciously lead the culture change as a team
  • Achieve its strategic / project goals through the strength of the culture
  • Inspire their own teams
  • Role model “One Team” alignment
  • Set and achieve aspirational goals that they didn’t think they could achieve previously

Stakeholder Objectives

To demonstrate to our key stakeholders that:

  • The Leadership Team are confidently leading the project together as a team
  • The team is listening to their stakeholders


Appreciative Inquiry

Corporate Evolution is a leader in Australia in the area of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) – an innovative approach to creating and engaging the whole system in a new vision, values, strategy and/or initiatives.

AI Summits are typically 2-3 days and consist of all (or a proportion of) the stakeholders in the room – employees, Board, Customers, Stakeholders, Partners, etc.

A very powerful event, it can reduce engagement of a new vision, strategy, culture and strategic initiatives typically from 6 months to 3 days.

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